I have been on this wiki long enough to see many things. One thing I hate the most is wiki conz. I don't trust them (sorry if you are a helpful wiki con.) I just don't trust them. Recently, I have been seeing multiple vandals messing up the pages and a couple of n00bs here and there not following the policy (not that there is even a policy). I have kept this to myself, but I am aware that some users on this wiki are vandals. I have seen it with my own eyes, but I haven't said anything. I have a mistrust for a certain user. I can't...can't stand to see this wiki fall apart. (I mess up Wikis, Nyan Wiki Con guy, Negatives) The admin need to all have a meeting and discuss these issues with the community, and bans need to start being made.


  • These section is for Admins to add policies, please be helpful and do so.