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The following article is about something that appeared after the Birthday Bash update in FusionFall, was removed prior to the build FusionFall Retro uses, or was otherwise excluded from FusionFall Retro by its developers. Thus, the content below will not appear in FusionFall Retro; this article only exists to archive part of the original game.


Nano Unstable

The Unstable Nano is one of Dexlabs' most special and newest Nanos and is designed to change after a certain delay into another form. It was released into the game on April 27, 2011, along with Johnny Bravo and Cheese. On May 25, 2011, the Nano made its first transformation, into the Nano form of Johnny Test. On July 27, 2011, Fusionfall released the second transformation, into AmpFibian.
Player getting Unstable nano

Player acquiring the Unstable Nano

On September 14, 2011, FusionFall released the third and final transformation, into Van Kleiss.

The Nano has only one natural ability - Recall  (Self). It cannot be changed, and it causes the game to crash from time to time (although this might just be the game itself, not the Nano). It doesn't talk, but does make "squelching" sounds, possibly from the Fusion Matter bubbles circling around it. Dexter also mentions that it was developed from the same technology as the Holosuit, possibly meaning it will change during the holidays and switch out frequently over time.

The Unstable Nano is generally used to show off a Nano that will be released in the future.


  • The Unstable Nano is one of few Nanos not requiring a Fusion to be defeated. Instead players must defeat several Fusion monsters and use the Fusion Matter to create the Nano from Dexter's Nano Creation Machine.
  • The Unstable Nano was originally a dull gray color.
  • There hasn't been any Unstable Nano transformation to a form that uses Adaptium.
  • The Unstable Nano uses the sounds the Ghost Duck makes.
  • The only shows represented by Unstable Nanos are Johnny Test, Ben 10, and Generator Rex.


Unstable Nano has had a series of forms like:

Name Image Cartoon Type Date Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3
Johnny Test JohnnyTestnano Johnny Test Blastons May 25, 2011 Damage - Cone
Damage - Cone
Stun - Cone
Stun - Cone
Jump - Self
Jump - Self
AmpFibian NanoAmpFibian Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Cosmix July 27,2011 Drain - Area
Drain - Area
Sleep - Cone
Sleep - Cone
Van Kleiss NanoVan Kleiss Generator Rex Blastons September 14, 2011 Leech - Point
Leech - Point
Health - Self
Health - Self
Snare - Self Area
Snare - Self Area
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