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Tootie's Route.JPG
Name Tootie
Boss N/A
Level 30
Type Blastons
Health 38244
Location Monkey Foothills
Location 2
Tootie is a level 30 Fusion Blowfish that players can find wandering around the hills of the Monkey Foothills. She is also the most dangerous enemy in both Monkey Foothills and Monkey Mountain. She mostly stays near a pond in the area and is the hardest blowfish to beat in the whole game. Her difficulty is surpassed only by several select monsters in other areas and she possesses the second most complex blowfish route in the game. Tootie is one of two blowfish to reside in an area where the monsters are weaker than she (the other being Judy). This can sometimes result in low-level players getting in Tootie's way during a mission, and result in Tootie defeating them. Luckily, this means that players the same level or higher than Tootie do not have to worry about interference from other monsters in the area. Tootie uses the normal blowfish arsenal of melee attacks, Eruption Attacks, and Stun.

Tootie may drop a C.R.A.T.E containing some armor, weapons, or the non-tradable (gray-finned) Tootie blowfish backpack.



It is unknown if Tootie is the offspring of the Momma Blowfish.