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Species ▸ Human
Gender ▸ Male
Eye Color ▸ Blue
Prepare to feel the wrath of...the Toiletnator!

– Toilenator

The Toiletnator (real name Louis "Lou" Pottingsworth III) is a recurring villain in Codename: Kids Next Door, and the self-proclaimed arch-nemesis of Numbuh 4. His main goal is to ensure that children respect bathrooms, and always flush the toilet after doing their business. Toiletnator has the power to control toilets, manipulate liquids, and shoot toilet paper from his arms in order to incapacitate his enemies.

In the Codename: Kids Next Door comic, “Operation: H.I.S.T.O.R.I.E.”, it’s revealed that Lou is the long-lost brother of Sydney Beatles, Numbuh 4’s father (which makes him Numbuh 4’s uncle), and that he once worked as an executive for Father’s company Evil Adult Industries Inc, where he was assigned by Father himself to be the head of construction on a factory to mass produce a new vegetable called “Asparagross”, which would be force fed to school children every time they went to the cafeteria. During the construction of the factory, the KND (including the members of Sector V) raided the building site, causing Lou to take shelter in a porta-potty, which was then buried under a pile of rubble, trapping him. He was trapped in the potty for several days, and had no other option but to eat urinal cakes to survive. Lou was then visited by “The Almighty Protector of Potty” who made him into his knight against Lou’s will, and gave him his powers, as he was the only one to use that potty in a while. He then used his newfound powers to force his way out of the rubble, and start his crusade as the Toiletnator.

Due to his toilet-theming and general incompetency, he is considered to be the least threating villain the KND has ever faced, and is also considered a laughingstock to other villains of the organization for the same reason.

Physical Appearance

Toiletnator wears a yellow plumber's outfit including rubberized boots, toilet paper rolls as a cowl and gauntlets, a toilet seat to secure his cape, and completes the ensemble with an arsenal of toilet-themed weapons.


War Against Fuse

The Future

The Toiletnator is nowhere to be found in the Future.

The Past


In the Past, the Toiletnator can be found in the Wilds at Camp Kidney handing out missions. He mainly serves as the link between the adults and the Kids Next Door. His signature weapon is the Plunger of Doom, an extra-large plunger.

Hello From Camp Kidney!

In the mission Hello From Camp Kidney! (Part 2 of 3), Spencer Spidermonkey tasks the player to talk to the Toiletnator and ask him for one of his flush handles (even though he is right next to Spencer), so it can be used to improve the Toiletnator Nano. When the player asks the Toiletnator for a flush handle, he gives them one, saying that no told him they’d be needing his gear, and that he’s just ecstatic to be assisting in the fight against Fuse. The player then hands the flush handle over to Spencer, to which he thanks the player, and says that the Toiletnator Nanos are in much need of improvement.

Imaginary Fusions

In the mission Imaginary Fusions (Part 2 of 5), Mr. Herriman informs the player that the roll of toilet paper they got from defeating the Lazy Metal Boy Scouts in Part 1 of the mission line contained a message written in invisible ink. When the roll was treated with lemon bathroom cleanser, the message is revealed to be “Meet me at the outhouse in Camp Kidney. Come alone.", signed by someone named Lou. Mr. Herriman then sends the player to talk to the man that’s “dressed up like an outhouse”. When the player talks to Toiletnator, he confesses that Fusion Bloo tricked him into telling him how to enter Foster’s Home through its plumbing, but says that he was going to ambush him at the outhouse. He tells the player that they would be far more capable of preforming a certain task, and says that if they can get his Plunger of Doom back from the Wild Skeeters, then the player can keep it. After the player recovers the plunger from the Wild Skeeters, they take it back to Toiletnator, who discovers that the handle is broken. He tells the player that he’ll get to fixing it, asks them to come back later, and says that the plunger will lead them to Fusion Bloo’s hiding spot. The player returns to Mr. Herriman, who congratulates them for their efforts, but is uneased now knowing that Fusion Bloo is somewhere within the house.

In Part 3 of the mission line, the Toiletnator says that he still needs the Plunger of Doom’s handle, the Handle of Doom, in order to fix the plunger. He then sends the player to defeat Pack Arachnids until they drop the handle. After the player gets the handle, they bring it back to Toiletnator. He then fixes the Plunger of Doom and gives it to the player, saying that if Fusion Bloo is hiding in the pipes of Foster’s bathrooms, then they can use the plunger to find him. Before he sends the player off, he tells them to tell everyone that it was Toiletnator who helped save the day, even though he is the cause of the conflict. Toiletnator then sends the player to talk to Frankie, saying that she can help them out. When the player talks to Frankie, she says that Fusion Bloo has locked everyone out of the house, and is asking to be adopted, as he is a duplicate of an imaginary friend, and believes that he is entitled to Foster’s protection, to which Frankie denies. Toiletnator then tells the player to use the Plunger of Doom on Foster’s front door in order to ‘flush out’ the Fusion, to which nothing happens. Frankie chimes in and tells the player to bring the plunger to her, while Toiletnator berates the player for not ‘using it right’, says that it can do amazing things, and tells the player to be careful, as Fusion Bloo is a trickster. Upon talking to Frankie, she says that Fusion Bloo will not come out, and tells the player that he said he would help them if they promised to keep him safe. She asks the player if they think Fusion Bloo is lying, and tells them that she just wanted to veg out and watch television.

Toiletnator's Tomfoolery

In the mission Toiletnator's Tomfoolery (Part 1 of 5), Toiletnator tells the player that he’s tired of being disrespected by others and wants to show Fuse that he is a legitimate threat. Since he thinks the player is rather strong, he asks them to help him out. He first sends the player to get three Wild Stinger stingers from defeating the monsters of the same name. After getting the stingers, he then instructs the player to place the stingers on the seats of three outhouses throughout Camp Kidney. After placing the stingers, the player returns to Toiletnator, who thanks them for their efforts, and says that if one of Fuse’s monsters try to use any of the outhouses, then they’ll let out a sharp cry of pain that’ll wipe the grin right off their dumb faces.

In Part 2 of the mission line, Toiletnator informs the player that since everyone in the wilderness now fears his name, he wants to tell the KND about it, so he gives the player a camera and sends them to take a picture of one of his trapped outhouses so the photo can be sent to Numbuh 4. After the player takes a picture of the outhouse, they return the camera to Toiletnator, and he gives them a printed-out photo of his Dangerous Outhouse of Doom to give to Numbuh 4, so the KND will know that he’s serious when it comes to fighting Fuse. The player then delivers the picture to Numbuh 4, who is furious to find out that Toiletnator is the reason why his butt is so sore. Toiletnator thanks the player for delivering the picture, asks them what Numbuh 4 though of it, and declares himself to be the Crown Prince of Poop. Numbuh 4 is nevertheless thankful that the player is there, as he needs their help.

In Part 3 of the mission line, Numbuh 4 explains that Toiletnator’s antics have provoked Fuse’s monsters, since the Pack Arachnids in Camp Kidney have caused the Rabid Arachnids in Mount Blackhead to attack. Toiletnator then sends the player an email asking them about what Numbuh Four said, and if he was impressed by his superior Fuse-fighting fury. Numbuh 4 then asks the player to defeat ten Rabid Arachnids in order to protect the Jungle Outpost. After defeating the monsters, the player returns to Numbuh 4, who thanks them, and tells them that the next time they see Toiletnator, to tell him that he can help the KND by locking himself in one of his outhouses.

Cleaning Up City Hall

In the mission Cleaning Up City Hall (Part 2 of 2), the Mayor of Townsville is planning an awards ceremony for the bravest kids in town. However, the moat around City Hall is quite smelly, so he sends the player to seek out a man in Camp Kidney who is knowledgeable in plumbing. When the player talks to Toiletnator, he says that he is tired of people coming to him with their plumbing problems, as he is a supervillain. Nevertheless, he decides to help out, as he has a toilet freshener that can reduce Fusion odor. However, in order to make it, the player needs to collect Aroma Crystals from Leaky Lake. The player goes into the Loch Mess Infected Zone and collects the Aroma Crystals. The player then returns to Toiletnator and hands him the crystals, to which he makes the freshener, and laments on how one day, people will fear him for his true might. He gives the player the freshener, and they deliver it to the Mayor, who then adds it to the water, improving its smell, and thanks the player for their efforts.

One Stinky Fusion

In the mission One Stinky Fusion (Part 1 of 3), Numbuh 4 tells the player that there is some key info about Fuse’s plan of attack hidden within mini-terrafusers in Forgotten Falls, which can be unscrambled using the KND’s Fusion Decoder. He then asks the player to retrieve two of those mini-terrafusers from the falls and bring them back to him for decoding. The player gets the two mini-terrafusers, returns to the Jungle Outpost, and gives them to Numbuh 4. He then thanks the player on a job well done, and tells them to talk to Mac when they’ve decoded Fuse’s orders.

In Part 2 of the mission line, Mac informs the player that the message that was decoded from the mini-terrafusers contained instructions from Lord Fuse to Fusion Toiletnator. Fuse has instructed Fusion Toiletnator to track Coco  down. Mac says that the player needs to act as a decoy so they can draw out the Fusion. In order to do this, Coco gives the player a special disguise egg that makes them appear as Coco so they can fool Fusion Toiletnator. Numbuh 3 instructs the player to go to the first decoy point in Forgotten Falls. After arriving at the fist decoy point, Numbuh 3 reports that KND operatives have spotted Fusion Toiletnator heading north out of the Twisted Forest. Mac then calls in and says that the Slizzards spotted the player, and that they need to defeat five of them so they can’t report back to Fusion Toiletnator. After defeating the Slizzards, the player heads to the next decoy point, and Numbuh 3 calls in reporting that Fusion Toiletnator is on their way to the players location. After the player arrives at the next decoy point, Mac says that Fusion Toiletnator is heading away from Coco, but tells them that more Slizzards have seen the player, and thus need to be taken care of. After defeating six more Slizzards, Numbuh Three calls in saying that Fusion Toiletnator won’t be able to find Coco now. Mac congratulates the player and says that Fusion Toiletnator is now looking all over Forgotten Falls for Coco, and that he has no clue she’s at Mount Blackhead. Mac then asks the player to go to Numbuh 3 and give her Coco’s disguise egg. The player reports to Numbuh 3 and gives her the egg, with her thanking the player and commenting on how Fusion Toiletnator is now lost and confused.

In Part 3 of the mission line, Numbuh 3 tells the player that Fusion Toiletnator has set up traps for Coco in the Really Twisted Forest, and asks them if they want to give him a big surprise. She explains that Fusion Toiletnator’s traps are keyed to Coco's energy signature. If Coco were to step on one, she would be teleported into Fusion Toiletnator’s Lair. She says that because the players Coco disguise is not perfect, they are going to need to step on multiple traps in order for them to work. She then sends the player to one of the traps, and then a second trap, where Brackish Beasts catch the player fiddling with Fusion Toiletnator’s traps, and the player needs to defeat three of them in order to proceed. After defeating three Brackish Beast, Numbuh 3 says that stepping on one more trap should teleport them to the Fusions lair. The player then arrives at the third trap (which is a fusion portal to Fusion Toiletnator’s Lair), and enters it. Upon arriving in Fusion Toiletnator’s Lair, the player encounters Boarbills who were meant to ambush Coco upon her arrival. After defeating six Boarbills, the player fights Fusion Toiletnator and defeats him. Numbuh 3 then thanks the player, saying that they won’t have to worry about Fusion Toiletnator for a long time, and that Coco is now safe.

Say Cheese (Mojo Jojo Guide Mission)

If the player has Mojo Jojo as their guide, they can do the mission Say Cheese. In the mission, Father says that before the player goes to meet Mojo, he needs help setting up some remote security equipment. Father sends the player to the Wilds, since many of Fuse’s monsters seem to be invading from there, and asks the player to talk to Toiletnator. When the player talks to Toiletnator, he’s excited that Father needs his help, and says that in order to set up the security equipment, the player is going to need to defeat four Lazy Metal Boy Scouts first, so they can set up a security micro-camera to keep watch on the area. After defeating the Lazy Metal Boy Scouts, the player returns to the Toiletnator and talks to him. The Toiletnator says that he got a micro-camera and a transmitter from Father, so they can keep an eye on the fusion monsters. Toiletnator then sends the player to place the micro-camera. After the player sets up the micro camera, Toiletnator calls in telling them that Father wants the player to find a spot for the transmitter. However, before they can do that, Numbuh 2 calls in, asks the player if they are still working for Father, and demands that the player bring the equipment to him. The player then brings Numbuh 2 the signal transmitter, and tells him that Father wants to set up a camera and transmitter, so Numbuh 2 puts a SPLITTR (Signal Produced Locally Is Totally Taken Remotely) on the transmitter so they can see what Father sees. He also asks what Mojo would want to do with irradiated Chemical X, and tells the player to continue working for Mojo so they can keep an eye on him. The player then returns to the Wilds and sets up the now modded transmitter, and reports back to Toiletnator, who congratulates them on a job well done, and tells the player to tell Father that he helped out. Father then calls in and tells the player to return to him. The player returns to Father, who thanks them for their help, and gives them the Battle-Ready Torso as a reward.

Monkey Business (Mojo Jojo Guide Mission)

Upon completing the next Mojo Jojo guide mission, Monkey Business, Ramma Jamma gives the player a plunger melee weapon, which is a gift from the Toiletnator.

FusionFall Retro

(Note: This content is no longer available in the game, as it was removed in the Beta v2.11 patch on August 21, 2019)

In the Beta v2.6 patch of FusionFall Retro, a new mission called Lou and You was added to the game. In the mission, the Toiletnator informs the player that Leaky Lake is completely clogged with Fusion Matter, and that he would be the perfect person to handle the situation. In order to determine if the lake can benefit from his powers, he asks the player to get a good view of the lake. The player goes into the Loch Mess Infected Zone and traverses up the platforms, with Flapjack wishing the player good luck. As the player navigates through the Infected Zone, the Toiletnator comments on how the lake is more gunked up than any other clog than he has ever seen. He then asks the player to go to the top of Itchy Island in order to get a good view. While the player is climbing, he comments on how the Terrafuser infecting the lake is outside of the containment area of the Infected Zone, and how that makes the barriers around the Infected Zone kind of pointless. When the player gets to the top of Itchy Island, the Toiletnator says that the situation is bad, but not bad enough to stop the Toiletnator, and says that he needs a permit in order to get to work (but not because he wants to delay coming down there himself because he’s scared of anything). Toiletnator says that he’s gonna need a permit from the person who owns the land in order to use his unclogging powers. The two then talk to Fuzzy Lumkins about getting a permit, to which Fuzzy doesn’t understand what they’re talking about, and demands that they get off his property before he uses Toiletnator’s plunger to ‘unclog-ify’ him instead. The Toiletnator calls in saying that he meant going to City Hall to get a permit, and that he didn’t even know who Fuzzy was and found him to be scary. Because of this, he decides to call the whole thing off, and asks the player to return to him and pretend like this never happened. When the player returns to the Toiletnator, he tells them that he could have cleaned up the lake, but he can’t do so without a permit, and he’s very afraid of Fuzzy. He ends the mission by telling the player to tell all their friends how they teamed up with the Toiletnator for an awesome mission.

Other Appearances

A melee weapon based on Toiletnator’s plunger is a reward for completing the Mojo Jojo guide mission Monkey Business.



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