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    We've yearned for this moment for years, and now there's quite possibly a light at the end of this long tunnel. FusionFall Legacy is the fan-made continuation of FusionFall, completely operated by the fans. Yes my friends, this is real!

    For the sake of simplicity and convenience, this will be the offical FusionFall Legacy thread here on the wiki. S/O to the users (ACCFMii1 and Sirparkerwinner) who made their own separate threads; I love your enthusiasm. However, I'd advise all fans to approach with cautious optimism. The game should be up in a few months (?) and the webmasters have already given a few updates on the game's progress.

    Right now, the game is accepting early registrations, with the promise of rare loot to all those who register early! So get on that, ladies and gents!


    New updates will be highlighted in lime.

    Update 1

    Update 1: The first ever official live stream will take place on December 8, 2015 at 4:30 PM EST. The stream will air on FFL's official Twitch channel: (More info here...)

    Update 2

    Update 2: Exit the FusionFall Legacy demo and enter FusionFall Retro! Retro is, in short, the original, untouched FusionFall of January 2010, before the Birthday Bash update to be specific. This is taking us way back! This incarnation of the game will be effectively replacing the planned FFL demo (boo!!!), but the Retro is expected to start giving out access to a few select fans for a pre-alpha session in the coming weeks, and a planned close alpha release is intended to drop later this month (:whew:)! Open access to all will become available once the devs have ensured the stability of the game. The FusionFall Retro site will also be launching sometime this month. Fear not however, FusionFall Legacy is still on its way, and will completely revamp the FusionFall universe as we know it!

    Update 3

    I'm not 100% sure what happened here, but around Friday, the FFL official YouTube channel uploaded a cryptic video about "FusionFall's Birthday". Later, info came in about a new livestream happening this past Saturday (01/16). The livestream went down, but the cryptic video was deleted and the livestream hasn't been uploaded to Youtube yet. Fortunately, a fan recorded the livestream and uploaded the results to YT. I'm not sure when the official channel will update, but anyways: HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY FUSIONFALL! Gone, but not forgotten. ... All in due time. ;)

    Update 4

    Late update; sorry to all! Earlier this month the FFL dev team unveiled some serious game additions, of which include a brand-new location, new missions, NPCs, and NANOS! Introducing Boomer (of the Rowdyruff Boys) and Jackie Khones (of Foster's Home fame). Both characters have their every own nanos and a new location, Townsville Zoo, all to themselves. And I'm being literal about that last part; the Zoo animals have all vanished. Solving the mystery of their disappearance has been left up to the new NPC duo.

    So, for now, that is all! I'll make a more hearty effort to keep consistent with these updates from now on, all right?

    Official Devblog Entry

    FusionFall Wiki's own Thetexassooner1 (admin) was a former developer for FusionFall Legacy. If you have any pressing questions about the game, please send them his way. All important/relevant answers will be added to OP if need be.

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