• Yes, I haven't been on for months (possibly even a year?), but I came back to help this place. The FF Wiki has become a ghost town. Discussions have halted, edits are scarce. We have to do something about it. That is why I am here.

    Let's all face it. CN is never going to bringing back FusionFall, and the new FF that the fans are making isn't going to be the same. The one thing we loved about FusionFall is that we got to explore an open world filled with unknown possibilities and interact with various characters in different missions and quests. Now that FusionFall is all but dead, let's all just move on. I have taken the time to search up free MMORPGs such as Neverwinter, TERA, ArchAge and Rift. These games all have in common an open world in which you have choices in what to do but you can still fight epic battles and play with friends and stuff like that. I bet that if you played one or more of these games, you would enjoy it almost or just as much as you did with FusionFall. We could even go as far as to friend people on the FF wiki so we could play together. What do you guys think?

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    • Well, Badooga1, thanks for the friendly gesture.  However, speaking for myself, none of the games you mention have the crucial element that I loved in FusionFall, which was being based on the cartoons that I enjoyed watching.  Yeah, the gaming element was fun enough, but I for one am not primarily a gamer, but an animation fan.  So, while the gameplay might be as good or better that FusionFall's, I still wouldn't be going to interact with Grim or Numbuh 2 or Johnny Bravo or Samurai Jack -- and that's really what I cared about the most.  It was particularly fun anticipating what character or cartoon element might be added next.

      So, thanks for the recommendation, but I think I will stick to memories and fan fiction/art of classic FusionFall.  I hope you have fun, though, with your new games!

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    • It is true that none of these games have the crucial element that you have stated, but they are some of the closest we will ever get to a FusionFall like game. They still do have good graphics and animation but if you want to stick to memories of FusionFall that's fine.

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    • Thanks for understanding. All the best to you!

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    • an anonymous contributor
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