• As we all know by now, Fusionfall has been officially closed down by Cartoon Network. Designing a character to fight Fuse was a thrill. Could there be a program where you can design a (non playable) Fusionfall-style character?

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    • Obviously, there could be; though of whether there is or not, I am not aware.  If a quick tour of the internet does not find one for you, I would ask around on one of the threads here devoted to recreating the game; the clever fellows engaged in those projects have surely figured out the character creation part of the game.  Faute de mieux, if you download a picture of a representative character, a good graphics program and a certain nimbleness and patience will allow you to produce serviceable FusionFall-style figures.

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    • I'm redesigning cartoon network characters (and nick) in a more realistic format, also note that the design seperates itself from the original designs.

      However, some of my designs are somewhat the same as the original FF designs. 'Cause I really love what they did with them in Fusionfall

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    • Well, I for one would be thrilled to see them.  I LOVE that kind of creativity.  Are you going to post your character re-designs here, or possibly link to a site where they are displayed?  I REALLY want to see what you have made of the characters.

      I suppose, in that case, I should link to my own FusionFall gallery at DeviantArt, to show what I myself have made of some CN and non-CN characters, as I imagined they might look in the game.

      I hope this inspires a lot more FusionFall art. There's never enough.

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    • DAMN IT! I forgot my sketchbook in Springfield

      No matter, I'll draw them again

      And sorry to burst your bubble but they are doodles. But they are still good.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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