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Exclusive to The Academy.
The following article is about something that appeared after the Birthday Bash update in FusionFall, and is exclusive to any builds containing the new tutorial known as The Academy.

A message sent through time warned us of a future where the evil Lord Fuse and his vile minions had conquered our world. Heeding this warning, our heroes have joined together and formed The Academy. Here the best and the brightest train to stop the alien invasion, defeat Fuse and save the future!

– Training Guide Description[1]

The Adcademy Advertistment

The Academy is the inaugural area available in the FusionFall world, replacing the Future in a major game update as of February 16, 2011. All players residing in the Future were transported to Sector V in the past. The area encompasses the first four levels of the game and moves the Player into open world much faster than previously.

At the Academy, players fine tune their skills and are granted technology to train for the battle against Fuse.


The Academy's construction was a collaborative undertaking primarily between DexLabs, the Plumbers, and Providence. Dexter discovered Fuse's impending invasion of the Earth during a time-traveling experiment that accidentally sent the Player to the Future. The apocalyptic timeline was averted when the Player was brought back to the Past with the Nano technology blueprints. With the warning of the coming invasion, and the new powers to fight it, the Cartoon Network Universe came together to take the fight to the enemy. However, the fight against Fuse was said to not be over and that Fuse's forces were stronger than before.


Tutorials on basic game mechanics (e.g. handing weapons, picking up missions, obtaining Nanos, etc.) is what a good portion of the Academy's gameplay consists of.


View all available missions within the Academy here.

Compared to the Future

With the massive overhaul, the previous four Nanos of Buttercup, Numbuh Two, Eddy, and Eduardo were made available in the Past in different areas. Replacing them, the Player instead receives the Finn Nano, Rex Nano, and Alien X Nano in the Academy. The Level 4 Nano Mission was changed from Eduardo to Numbuh Two, which is given to the player in Sector V once completion of the tutorial occurs and they had gain enough experience.


In the Academy, there are three different locations wherein basic, tutorial training takes place:


Training Instructors

Mt. Neverest NPCs



  • In the opening cutscene of the Academy, Father's art is covering Toiletnator's.


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