Stickybeard is the captain of the Candy Pirates, who travel the world searching for and stealing candy. He is a major enemy of the Kids Next Door, and a particular enemy of Numbuh Five, with whom he nevertheless shares a mutual respect.


Arrival of Fuse

When the invasion of Earth began, Stickybeard lost his ship, the Sweet Revenge, to Planet Fusion.

War Against Fuse

The Future

In the Future, a generic NPC named "Licorice Lips" seems to have taken Stickybeard's place as the highest ranking crew member at Candy Cove, but someone by the name of Captain Brock Candy has assumed his place as Captain. It may be presumed that Stickybeard fell in the initial battles in the war between Fuse and Earth. Furthermore, a candy pirate named Root Canal Rita claims that Stickybeard disappeared while looking for a new ship and crew.

The Past

Fusion Fall Barba Pegajosa


In the Past, he gives missions concerning traitors within his crew and finding his candy treasure. He tells the player and Edd the story behind the crazy brain candy. He also thwarts Brittle Butter's plan to sell Stickybeard's candy to Father by replacing the detail note with a note from himself. A Candy Pirate at Bravo Beach mentions that Stickybeard once stole Captain K'nuckles hat.

Lawbreakers and Jawbreakers

When the Eds steal his treasured jawbreakers, he threatens to go to war with. Wilt informs the player of the Eds scheme and the player returns the jawbreakers to Stickybeard.

Eduardo and the Pirates

The player brings some barnacle balls they got from Foster's to Stickybeard. He informs the player about Fusion Monsters stealing his candy and bringing them to the Sweet Revenge. The player defeats some monsters while Stickybeard prepares an assault on the Sweet Revenge. The player heads into the ship to defeat Fusion Numbuh Two. They find that the Fusion poisoned some Candy Pirates, but the player is able to give them an antidote. After the pirates are cured, the player goes deeper into the lair and they defeat Fusion Numbuh Two.

FusionFall Retro

Stickybeard used to give out a mission where he asks the player to send a message in a bottle to Flapjack. The SKWID Squad are watching over Bubbie, but Stickybeard is suspicious of them. He turns out to be correct as they're manipulating Flapjack into bringing them food. Flapjack eventually gets Stickybeard's message, but Fusion Flapjack tampered with it. A Stickybeard Nano was planned for a future update. It was going to be obtained after the player had completed all of Edd's guide missions.



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