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A Slider.

What is the Slider?

The Slider, also called the Bus and Downtown Bus, is a transportation service provided by DexLabs that loops along The Suburbs and Downtown. One end is located in Peach Creek Estates and the other in Marquee Row, with smaller stops along the route. On the map, the busway can be identified as two thick, scarlet lines that run parallel to each other. It is very long.

Slider Stations

How do I get on the Slider?

Look out for neon signs in the air emblazoned with the word Bus. Arrows will indicate the direction the Slider is traveling in. There will usually be a series of jump pads or moving platforms on either side of the busway. Use them to bring you up to the station.

The Slider comes around every minute. It will slow down briefly as it approaches the station, so hop on quickly using the jump pad on the station.

When will I know I reached my destination?

Easy, just look at the bottom of your compass and it will say where you are.

You can alight anytime by moving off the Slider, but you will not be able to board it again and you may land into a potentially dangerous area.

Is it free?

Yes, it is free! Aside from walking on foot and certain Nano abilities, it is the only free method of rapid travel, although it only runs through The Suburbs and Downtown.