Shnitzel works at Mung Daal's Catering Company as a cleaner and sometimes a chef. He is also Chowder's friend. Shnitzel mostly says "Radda" but sometimes talks English. It is hinted that some of his Radda's mean dirty things. Like Coco from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, people like Mung, Chowder, and Truffles can understand what Shnitzel says, and often repeat what Shnitzel says so the viewer can understand.


War Againist Fuse

The Future


Shnitzel at Birthday Bash in the Future.

He seems to have survived in the Future, where he is stationed at the border of Pokey Oaks north and south during Birthday Bash.

The Past

He can be seen in the past in Chowder's mouth helping out with the recent problem, of Fusion Chowder's infecting his mouth. Other than this, he seems to have no other effect in the war.

Holiday Events

He can be seen during the Birthday Bash in the past. In the Valentine's eve

Shnitzel in Townsville Center.

nt, he was stationed at Townsville Mall. Earlier, during the Knishmas event, Shnitzel was stuck in the Schmingerbread house.

Helping Chowder

He gives the hero the task of going into the deep part of Chowder's mouth and finding Kimchi. For most of the mission Chowder takes over. Chowder sends the hero to find Kimchi under a time limit before the Fusion locate his position. The hero finds Kimchi and relieves Chowder of his worries. The hero reports back to Shnitzel for a reward afterwards.

Other Appearances

Shnitzel is a usable weapon in the game. It is a cannon that is rare a
FF SchnitzelRockitLauncher

Shnitzel Cannon

nd can be purchased from the Wisdom Tooth.

FusionFall Retro

He appeared at Pokey Oaks North near the gazebo during the Knishmas event of 2018. He acted as a teleporter to Fusion Chowder's lair.



  • He is one of two characters who speak in incomprehensible speech patterns, the other being Coco.
  • Shnitzel's first appearance in the game was at Pokey Oaks North (unless you count when he was stuck in the Schmingerbread house). He was then moved to Chowder's mouth. It's unknown if he will appear anywhere else.
  • Shnitzel was not originally slated to appear in Retro, but as of December 20th 2018 Shnitzel appeared at the Gazebo in then titled "Merry Oaks" for the Knishmas Event following a 2 week maintainance period.

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