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The following article is about something that appeared after the Birthday Bash update in FusionFall, was removed prior to the build FusionFall Retro uses, or was otherwise excluded/removed from FusionFall Retro by its developers. Thus, the content below does not appear in FusionFall Retro; this article only exists for archival purposes.


Ship is a small Galvanic Mechamorph symbiote that separated from another Galvanic Mechamorph named Baz-l. He was originally created to help his former master by finding Ben Tennyson in order to prevent his crashed ship from exploding. He now lives with Ben's girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend since the events of Omniverse), Julie Yamamoto, who thinks of Ship as a pet and so treats him like a dog. Because Ship was a part of Baz-l, he resembles Upgrade, one of Ben's original transformations.


Birthday Bash

Ship in the future

Ship at Birthday Bash in the future

In FusionFall, Ship first appeared at the Birthday Bash in both the Past and the Future, and has been shown to have items themed to look like him. When he was removed after the Birthday Bash, then added again, he received some animation.

Alien Abductions

Ship in city station

Ship in starship mode in City Station

Ship returned for the FusionFall Adventure "Alien Abduction." He can be found at Genius Grove in the Past, where the player helps Paradox find him. Ship can then be found in City Station next to Paradox. Instead of being an NPC, he has now transformed himself into starship mode and is letting Ben and the gang use him as a base for their operation. A Galvan can warp players inside where they can find Ben, Gwen, Max, Kevin, Azmuth, and Paradox. There are also Galvan vendors selling Ben 10 vehicles and rare Ben 10 items. There is a Nano Station, a Galvanic Mechamorph themed E.G.G.E.R., and a Croc Pot inside him as well. There are three missions that can only be given from the NPCs inside Ship.

Other Appearances

There is a set based on him that could be acquired.


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