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Nanos are one of the primary components of the leveling system in FusionFall Retro. Nanos are small, miniaturized versions of Cartoon Network characters designed to aid the player through various means. There are currently 36 usable in FusionFall Retro. Although the NPC's of characters in the game have more realistic looks, the Nano versions of them still retain some of their original "cartoony" appearances.


Nanos were created by the unlikely team of Dexter and Mandark. When Fuse came to Earth and began his invasion of the planet with his horde of Fusion Monsters and Terrafusers, Dexter and Mandark began to develop the best way to fight against the invaders. The results of this development were Nanos. By harnessing the essence of Planet Fuse and its monsters, Fusion Matter, they could create the Nanos, the ultimate weapons against Fuse and his minions.

In the story, the Nanos were originally created in The Future, but unfortunately, it seemed that they were created a little too late, and the people in The Future could only slow down the infection of the world. However, when the player arrived in The Future due to Dexter's time travel experiment, Future Dexter came up with a new plan: by sending the instructions for how to create back to the heroes' past selves with the player, they could get the right tools to fight Fuse at the right time, and thereby prevent the dark future. Thanks to the help from the player, the remaining heroes managed to send the instructions to create back to the past, and their past selves managed to mass produce the Nanos. It is also hinted that the Great Machine was built after the player sent Dexter a message via a wormhole from The Future.


Each Nano has three Nano Powers, one of which the player must select upon the Nano's creation; e.g., Numbuh Two can make a player run faster, while Mandark can allow a player and his group to jump higher. Other abilities involve paralyzing Fusion monsters, dealing additional damage, or slowing down their movements. The chosen ability can be changed later at a Nano Station for the price of one appropriate Power Item. There are a total of thirty-six Nano Powers, and three copies of each power, one for each Nano type.

Nanos come in three different types: Adaptium, Blastons, and Cosmix. Based on its type, the Nano can be used to deal additional damage to enemies. On the other hand, if the player sends out a Nano with a type that is weak against the Fusion Monster's type, the damage will be less.

Every Nano has a stamina bar, which determines how long it can remain active. A summoned Nano will slowly lose stamina until it runs out. Stamina can be regained by giving Nano Potions to the Nano or by putting it away to rest.

Nano potion effect.

If the Nano has a passive power, its stamina will drain at an accelerated rate. Powers that require manual activation will drain a large amount of stamina at once. Guard, Antidote, and Freedom will drain some stamina when the effect to counter is triggered. For example, if a monster uses Stun, the Freedom Nano will lose some stamina in order to prevent the effect. Recall ‒ and Revive ‒ Group will drain a large amount of stamina. A Nano with low stamina will become visibly tired, and if a Nano runs out of stamina or is put away while tired, its picture will sink, and the player must wait for it to recover a minimum amount of stamina before it can become usable again. An ideal strategy is to use your desired Nano when needed.


The three different types of Gumballs, each one corresponding to a type of Nano.

Gumballs can help make a Nano more powerful for a period of time until the effect wears off, or the player who has the Nano dies. Each Gumball corresponds to one of the Nano and Monster Types (i.e. Adaptium, Blastons, and Cosmix), which can be indicated by its color (see right). One can use a Gumball on a Nano of the corresponding type. While a Nano is boosted from a Gumball, it will have a special backdrop of the corresponding color, as shown in the bottom right.

A Nano boosted by a Gumball.

Gumballs can be acquired from C.R.A.T.E.S dropped by monsters or rewarded at the end of Infected Zone Races, or from certain vendors. Gumballs are most useful when given to a Nano right before fighting a Fusion, in which the power boost can help with abilities such as Heal, Stun or Damage to do better against these dangerous foes.

Acquiring a Nano

Player acquiring a Nano

The player is able to acquire one Nano for each level. Once a player has gathered enough Fusion Matter, the player automatically receives the Nano Missions for their level. After the Fusion is defeated, the respective Nano is awarded, and the player levels up.

According to Computress, in order for a person to create a Nano, three things are needed: a definite amount of Fusion matter, a personal item from the character the Nano would represent, and one's own imagination (possibly Imaginary Energy) in order to "purify" the Fusion Matter so it could be used.

List of Nanos

List of Nanos

Level Name Image Cartoon Type Nano Mission Abilities Mission Giver
00 Unstable Nano NanoUnstable.png Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall Unstable The Unstable Nano Unstable power.png Unstable power.png Unstable power.png Unstable Nano Capsule
01 Buttercup NanoButtercup.png The Powerpuff Girls Blastons A Fusion Matter Stun ‒ Cone Health ‒ Group Scavenge Buttercup
02 Numbuh Two NanoNumbuh Two.png Codename: Kids Next Door Adaptium Practice Pranks Run ‒ Self Recall ‒ Group Bonus Numbuh Two
03 Eddy NanoEddy.png Ed, Edd n Eddy Cosmix Get Reddy Health ‒ Self Run ‒ Group Guard Eddy
04 Eduardo NanoEduardo.png Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Adaptium Scary Monsters Drain ‒ Area Radar Health ‒ Self Area Eduardo
05 Blossom NanoBlossom.png The Powerpuff Girls Cosmix Lame Imitation Stun ‒ Area Antidote Freedom ‒ Group Blossom
06 Wilt NanoWilt.png Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Blastons Fizzy Rox And Roll Jump ‒ Self Snare ‒ Target Area Snare ‒ Cone Wilt
07 Dee Dee NanoDee Dee.png Dexter's Laboratory Blastons Lab Accidents Damage ‒ Point Revive ‒ Group Damage ‒ Area Dee Dee
08 Numbuh Five NanoNumbuh Five.png Codename: Kids Next Door Blastons Creature Discomfort Revive ‒ Self Sneak ‒ Group Leech ‒ Point Numbuh Five
09 Edd NanoEdd.png Ed, Edd n Eddy Cosmix Mistaken Eddentity Recall ‒ Self Treasure Finder Snare ‒ Self Area Edd
10 Megas NanoMegas.png Megas XLR Adaptium Scrapheap Scrap Sleep ‒ Cone Sneak ‒ Self Sleep ‒ Area Coop
11 Billy NanoBilly.png The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Adaptium Carnival Collection Freedom ‒ Self Sleep ‒ Self Area Damage ‒ Cone Billy
12 Professor Utonium NanoProfessor Utonium.png The Powerpuff Girls Cosmix Mutation Abomination Drain ‒ Point Jump ‒ Group Rocket ‒ Self Professor Utonium
13 Him NanoHim.png The Powerpuff Girls Blastons Doppelganger Gang Drain ‒ Area Health ‒ Self Area Freedom ‒ Self Him
14 Bloo NanoBloo.png Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Adaptium Leaderbored Treasure Finder Snare ‒ Cone Stun ‒ Cone Bloo
15 Bubbles NanoBubbles.png The Powerpuff Girls Cosmix Squirrel Squad Snare ‒ Target Area Jump ‒ Self Damage ‒ Point Bubbles
16 Demongo NanoDemongo.png Samurai Jack Adaptium Go, Demongo, Go Damage ‒ Area Snare ‒ Self Area Revive ‒ Self The Scotsman
17 Four Arms NanoFourArms.png Ben 10 Cosmix Plant Problems Sleep ‒ Self Area Scavenge Leech ‒ Point Grandpa Max
18 Numbuh One NanoNumbuh One.png Codename: Kids Next Door Blastons Skunk Support Damage ‒ Cone Health ‒ Self Bonus Numbuh One
18 Belladonna NanoBelladonna.png Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall Adaptium Record Break-In Rocket ‒ Self Recall ‒ Self Bonus Belladonna
19 Mojo Jojo NanoMojo Jojo.png The Powerpuff Girls Blastons Going Bananas Freedom ‒ Group Drain ‒ Point Guard Mojo Jojo
20 Mandark NanoMandark.png Dexter's Laboratory Blastons Leet Cheats Antidote Stun ‒ Area Jump ‒ Group Mandark
21 Grim NanoGrim.png The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Adaptium Things Look Grim Health ‒ Group Run ‒ Group Revive ‒ Group Grim
22 Dexter NanoDexter.png Dexter's Laboratory Adaptium Lab Monkeys Rocket ‒ Self Sneak ‒ Group Recall ‒ Self Dexter
23 Vilgax NanoVilgax.png Ben 10 Cosmix Souls For Sale Radar Run ‒ Self Recall ‒ Group Vilgax
24 Swampfire NanoSwampfire.png Ben 10: Alien Force Cosmix Alien Abductions Sleep ‒ Area Sleep ‒ Cone Sneak ‒ Self Ben
25 Mandy NanoMandy.png The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Blastons Hands Off Run ‒ Group Treasure Finder Recall ‒ Self Mandy
26 Coco NanoCoco.png Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Adaptium Bird Beast Guard Freedom ‒ Group Stun ‒ Area Coco
27 Mac NanoMac.png Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Blastons Pack Attack Rocket ‒ Self Sneak ‒ Self Sleep ‒ Cone Mac
28 Numbuh Three NanoNumbuh Three.png Codename: Kids Next Door Cosmix My Monkeys! Sneak ‒ Group Revive ‒ Self Health - Group Numbuh Three
28 Computress NanoComputress.png Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall Cosmix Nostalgia Chip Scavenge Guard Freedom ‒ Self Computress
29 Hex NanoHex.png Ben 10 Blastons Charmed Life Sleep ‒ Area Run ‒ Self Recall ‒ Group Hex
30 Juniper Lee NanoJuniper Lee.png The Life and Times of Juniper Lee Adaptium Alien Totem Poll Jump ‒ Self Leech ‒ Point Snare ‒ Target Area Juniper Lee
31 Numbuh Four NanoNumbuh Four.png Codename: Kids Next Door Cosmix Tree Trouble Revive ‒ Group Health ‒ Self Area Drain ‒ Area Numbuh Four
32 Ed NanoEd.png Ed, Edd n Eddy Blastons Royal Ed-Viser Sleep ‒ Self Area Radar Snare ‒ Self Area Ed
33 Courage NanoCourage.png Courage the Cowardly Dog Adaptium Ring Around the Collar Drain ‒ Point Health ‒ Self Scavenge Courage
34 Samurai Jack NanoSamurai Jack.png Samurai Jack Adaptium Plant a Seed Jump ‒ Group Damage ‒ Point Antidote Samurai Jack
35 Aku NanoAku.png Samurai Jack Cosmix Demon Attack Stun ‒ Cone Bonus Damage ‒ Cone Demongo
36 Humungousaur NanoHumungousaur.png Ben 10: Alien Force Cosmix Prehistoric Plot Snare ‒ Cone Freedom ‒ Self Damage ‒ Area Tetrax
36 Runty NanoRunty.png Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall Blastons Fuse Some More Snare ‒ Target Area Drain ‒ Point Sneak ‒ Self Runty
37 Flapjack NanoFlapjack.png The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack Adaptium N/A Drain ‒ Point Sleep ‒ Self Area Jump ‒ Group Flapjack
38 Johnny Bravo NanoJohnny Bravo.png Johnny Bravo Cosmix N/A Stun ‒ Area Run ‒ Self Revive ‒ Self Johnny Bravo


  • Megas and Swampfire are the only Nanos who share three identical powers, Sleep ‒ Cone, Sneak ‒ Self and Sleep ‒ Area.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door is the only show that has at least one character from the show in all three Nano types (Adaptium ‒ Numbuh Two; Blastons ‒ Numbuh Five and Numbuh One; and Cosmix ‒ Numbuh Four and Numbuh Three).
  • Oddly enough, Buttercup and Bubbles are not identical to their cartoon counterparts (unlike Blossom) and feature some slight deviation.
    • Buttercup's Nano wears a black wristband and has slightly different hair.
    • Bubbles' Nano wears jeans and has black and white striped long sleeves.

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