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Retro Nano Missions
Name LVL Difficulty NPC Location
The Unstable Nano (World Nano Mission) 00 Easy Unstable Nano Capsule City Hall
A Fusion Matter 00 Hard Buttercup Tech Square (The Future)
Practice Pranks 01 Hard Numbuh Two Sector V (The Future)
Get Reddy 02 Hard Eddy Peach Creek Commons (The Future)
Scary Monsters 03 Hard Eduardo /Peach Creek Commons (The Future)
Lame Imitation 04 Hard Blossom Sector V
Fizzy Rox And Roll 05 Hard Wilt Peach Creek Commons
Lab Accidents 06 Hard Dee Dee Genius Grove
Creature Discomfort 07 Hard Numbuh Five Genius Grove
Mistaken Eddentity 08 Hard Edd Peach Creek Commons
Scrapheap Scrap 09 Hard Coop Goat's Junk Yard
Carnival Collection 10 Hard Billy Endsville
Mutation Abomination 11 Hard Professor Utonium Genius Grove
Doppelganger Gang 12 Hard Him Habitat Homes
Leaderbored 13 Hard Bloo City Point
Squirrel Squad 14 Hard Bubbles City Hall
Go, Demongo, Go 15 Hard The Scotsman Townsville Park
Plant Problems 16 Hard Grandpa Max Townsville Park
Skunk Support 17 Hard Numbuh One Townsville Park
Going Bananas 18 Hard Mojo Jojo Mojo's Volcano
Record Break-In (World Nano Mission) 18 Hard Buttercup Marquee Row
Leet Cheats 19 Hard Mandark Tech Square
Things Look Grim 20 Hard Grim Orchid Bay
Lab Monkeys 21 Hard Dexter Tech Square
Souls For Sale 22 Hard Vilgax Offworld Plaza
Alien Abductions 23 Hard Ben Offworld Plaza
Hands Off 24 Hard Mandy Devil's Bluff
Bird Beast 25 Hard Coco Mount Blackhead
Pack Attack 26 Hard Mac Mount Blackhead
My Monkeys! 27 Hard Numbuh Three Mount Blackhead
Charmed Life 28 Hard Hex Devil's Bluff
Nostalgia Chip (World Nano Mission) 28 Hard Computress Tech Square
Alien Totem Poll 29 Hard Juniper Lee Nowhere
Tree Trouble 30 Hard Numbuh Four Mount Blackhead
Royal Ed-Viser 31 Hard Ed Mount Blackhead
Ring Around the Collar 32 Hard Courage Nowhere
Plant a Seed 33 Hard Samurai Jack Forsaken Valley
Demon Attack 34 Hard Demongo Huntor's Crest
Prehistoric Plot 35 Hard Tetrax Forsaken Valley
Fuse Some More (World Nano Mission) 36 Hard Runty Endsville