Pokey Oaks Junior High
Location Pokey Oaks North
Infected Zone Level 5

This Infected Zone is located in Pokey Oaks North. It is a junior high school (another name for a middle school, generally serving grades anywhere from sixth to ninth), though, considering its heavily infected state, it seems unlikely that it is the current school for the Powerpuff Girls. It features the school buildings (with navigatable roof) and a playground; there are several jump pads and a number of floating platforms. There are large areas with pools of Fusion Matter, and a Gooby Trap Disposal Unit near the Warp exit.


Mean Behemoth
Name Mean Behemoth
Boss Boss Behemoth
Level 05
Type Cosmix
Health 751
Location Pokey Oaks North
Location 2
Is the sky falling? No, it's just the telephone poles. Unfortunately, they're attached to an angry Mean Behemoth, and the streets of Pokey Oaks aren't safe anymore.


Racing Rewards

Fusion Lairs

  • Fusion Mayor's Secret Lair


  • By age 15 or 16 American students would typically be in high school, though it has been asserted that the girls are now around 11, which would be around fifth or sixth grade.

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