OG World Missions
Name LVL Difficulty NPC Location
Chimerian HuntNot in Retro Small01NormalVilgaxGenius Grove (The Future)
Basic Training (Part 1 of 3)Not in Retro Small01EasyBenNull Void
Basic Training (Part 2 of 3)Not in Retro Small01NormalBenNull Void
Basic Training CompleteNot in Retro Small01EasyBenNull Void
Advanced Training (Part 1 of 6)Not in Retro Small02NormalRexProvidence HQ
Advanced Training (Part 2 of 6)Not in Retro Small02NormalFinnProvidence HQ
Advanced Training (Part 5 of 6)Not in Retro Small02NormalLanceProvidence HQ
Advanced Training (Part 6 of 6)Not in Retro Small02EasyLanceProvidence HQ
Advanced Training CompleteNot in Retro Small02EasyLanceProvidence HQ
Meet BenNot in Retro Small03EasyComputressMt. Neverest
Meet MojoNot in Retro Small03EasyComputressMt. Neverest
Meet EddNot in Retro Small03EasyComputressMt. Neverest
Meet DexterNot in Retro Small03EasyComputressMt. Neverest
GraduationNot in Retro Small04EasyComputressMt. Neverest
Where The Science HappensNot in Retro Small04EasyDexterTech Square
So You Want To Be A Hero?Not in Retro Small04NormalMagical ToadstoolSector V/Townsville Center/Peach Creek Commons/Mount Blackhead
Time Traveler's TaskNot in Retro Small04NormalParadoxPeach Creek Commons
Pucker UpNot in Retro Small04EasyPuckerberry OverlordPeach Creek Commons
Who's Your Mommy?Not in Retro Small08NormalSKWID Squad AgentCandy Cove
My Mom's a Fish, Too!Not in Retro Small08NormalSKWID Squad AgentCandy Cove
Momma, May I?Not in Retro Small08NormalSKWID Squad AgentCity Station
Mother Knows BestNot in Retro Small08NormalSKWID Squad AgentMount Blackhead
MegawhattageNot in Retro Small12HardKevinCity Station
A Lord Without A LandNot in Retro Small12EasySour Ron Chowder's Mouth
A Pungent PursuitNot in Retro Small12EasyShnitzel Chowder's Mouth
A Nefarious SourceNot in Retro Small12EasyChowder Chowder's Mouth
Off the Grid, AgainNot in Retro Small15HardAgent SixTownsville Center
Fishy Tales and Wishing WellsNot in Retro Small16NormalFlapjackLeakey Lake
"X" Marks the Spots?Not in Retro Small16NormalFlapjackLeakey Lake
Gwen's GambitNot in Retro Small16HardGwenCity Station
Monkey Business!Not in Retro Small16NormalProvidence AgentTownsville Center
A Dirty JobNot in Retro Small16NormalBobo HahaTownsville Park
GroundedNot in Retro Small16NormalRexTownsville Park
Alligators in the Sewers!Not in Retro Small16HardRexTownsville Park
Free Candy!Not in Retro Small18NormalPrincess BubblegumIce King's Basement
Princess Princess PRINCESS!Not in Retro Small18NormalFinnIce King's Basement
Echo Echo EncounterNot in Retro Small20NormalBenCity Station