Important Note: After the Academy update, all Nanos became unrelated to leveling up, and were available at a certain base level. In addition, many nanos were added to the existing roster.

If you'd like to see Nano missions as they were before the Academy update, please refer to Retro's Nano Missions found here.

OG Nano Missions
Name LVL Difficulty NPC Location
Basic Training (Part 3 of 3)01HardBenNull Void
Advanced Training (Part 3 of 6)02HardLanceProvidence HQ
Advanced Training (Part 4 of 6)02HardLanceProvidence HQ
Sector Defense04HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Unstable Nano04EasyDexterDexLabs
Cloffee Caper04HardChowderPeach Creek Commons
Defender Amp Fuse04HardParadoxPeach Creek Commons
Get Reddy04HardEddyPeach Creek Commons
Lame Imitation04HardBlossomSector V
Fizzy Rox And Roll04HardWiltPeach Creek Commons
Lab Accidents04HardDee DeeGenius Grove
Creature Discomfort04HardNumbuh FiveGenius Grove
Scooter Scramble08HardJohnny TestNuclear Plant
Sorted Cheeses08HardMr. Herriman Foster's Home
Scary Monsters08HardEduardoFoster's Home
Mistaken Eddentity08HardEddPeach Creek Commons
Scrapheap Scrap08HardCoopGoat's Junk Yard
Carnival Collection08HardBillyEndsville
Mutation Abomination08HardProfessor UtoniumGenius Grove
Origin of the Spacies12HardOctusHabitat Homes
A Personal Matter12HardButtercupMarquee Row
Cap'n Courageous12HardFlapjackLeakey Lake
These Are A Few Of His Favorite Things12HardJohnny BravoOrchid Bay
Doppelganger Gang12HardHimHabitat Homes
Leaderbored12HardBlooCity Point
Squirrel Squad12HardBubblesCity Hall
Go, Demongo, Go12HardThe ScotsmanTownsville Park
Double Take16HardJakeIce King's Palace
Penguin Plans16HardIce KingIce King's Palace
Bad Behavior16HardZak SaturdayMount Blackhead
Plant Problems16HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
Skunk Support16HardNumbuh OneTownsville Park
Going Bananas16HardMojo JojoMojo's Volcano
Leet Cheats16HardMandarkTech Square
Let Me Tell You about Rath!20HardGrandpa MaxShip's Interior
Things Look Grim20HardGrimOrchid Bay
Lab Monkeys20HardDexterTech Square
Souls For Sale20HardVilgaxOffworld Plaza
Alien Abductions20HardBenOffworld Plaza
Hands Off24HardMandyDevil's Bluff
Bird Beast24HardCocoMount Blackhead
Pack Attack24HardMacMount Blackhead
My Monkeys!24HardNumbuh ThreeMount Blackhead
Charmed Life28HardHexDevil's Bluff
Alien Totem Poll28HardJuniper LeeNowhere
Tree Trouble28HardNumbuh FourMount Blackhead
Royal Ed-Viser28HardEdMount Blackhead
Ring Around the Collar32HardCourageNowhere
Plant a Seed32HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Demon Attack32HardDemongoHuntor's Crest
Prehistoric Plot32HardTetraxForsaken Valley