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Numbuh Two.png
Numbuh Two
◢ Affiliation ◣
Kids Next Door
◢ Nano Item ◣
Flight Helmet
◢ Appearance ◣
Species ▸ Human
Gender ▸ Male
Hair Color ▸ Brown
◉ Nano Information ◉
NanoNumbuh Two.png
◢ Level ◣
02 (Retro) ∣ 04 (Academy)
Run - Self.png
F.A.S.T. F.E.E.T.
Fully Amped Shoes Travel Fast, Exceeding Estimated Tempo. Simply put: you run faster!
Recall - Group.png
Nonstop Flight
Hoagie's pilot skills return your group to a safe spot in an infected zone.
Lunch Money
Numbuh Two uses his 'skills' from yipper card trading to earn more taros.
Kids Next Door operative Numbuh Two! 2x4 Technology Officer of Sector V!

– Numbuh Two, Operation L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N.

Numbuh Two (real name Hoagie Pennywhistle Gilligan, Jr.) is the technological expert and ace pilot of Sector V from Codename: Kids Next Door, a rotund kid with a blue shirt, brown slacks with suspenders, and a pilot's cap which he never removes. He lives with his mother and his younger brother Tommy. He is known for telling bad jokes in any situation as well as being capable of eating any food he finds in his way.


War Against Fuse

In both time periods, Numbuh Two is always found within Sector V handing out missions.

The Future

He was one of the remaining characters who helped the player, while trapped in The Future, to repair the time machine and send him/her back. His Fusion self is equipped with a working KND  F.L.A.P.P.U.H. (Flapping Lawnmower Apparatus Propels People Up High), causing him to fly above the ground. He can be found near the treehouse in Sector V.

The Past

Numbuh Two

In the Past, he is in Sector V with Blossom, helping new players adjust to the Fusion conflict and sending them on easy missions. He is the first mission handler for players who choose Ben as their guide. He was able to find the Fusion Matter tainted pickles, and helped uncover Fusion Mayor's plot. He sends the player to check on the communication dish that lets him contact the KND Jungle Outpost in Mt. Blackhead. It is soon revealed that Caterplugs had tampered with it, so he has the player defeat the Fusion thieves and retrieve the stolen parts for the dish. Afterward, the player returns the parts to him for maintenance, after which the player is to put the repaired parts into the dish, thus making contact with the KND Jungle Outpost possible again.[1]

Other Appearances


Numbuh Two's Flight Helmet is a possible drop from defeating fusion monsters. The F.L.A.P.P.U.H. is a reward for doing guide missions from Ben.

FusionFall Retro

Fusion Numbuh Two's Flight Helmet is obtainable by doing Infected Zone Races in the Dark Tree Clearing Infected Zone.


Future Guide Mission

Future Nano Mission

Future World Missions

Ben Guide Missions

Past World Missions

Academy-Exclusive Nano Mission



  • His Nano is the only KND Adaptium Nano available. This makes KND the only show featured in FusionFall with Nanos of every type.
  • His is the first original Adaptium Nano you get in the game.
  • However, after the Academy Update, the Rex Nano is the first Adaptium Nano (This Nano is not available in FusionFall Retro.)
  • His Post-Academy Nano mission (This mission is not in FusionFall Retro.) is notoriously harder because one of the monsters required for the Nano (Soulo Shells) suffer from strange spawning habits[2][3], and is under a time limit of 60 seconds.
  • In the tutorial of The Future, Numbuh Two is wearing a frown, but after the fall of Tech Square, he starts sporting a chubby smile.
  • He is voiced by Benjamin Diskin, who also voiced Numbuh One.


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