◉ Nano Information ◉
NanoNumbuh One
◢ Level ◣
18 (Retro) ∣ 16 (Academy)
Damage - Cone
Spitwad Volley
Send a wide blast of spitballs at your foes for big damage.
Health - Self
First Aid
Numbuh One steps in fast and gives you a quick health boost.
Big Bucks
Numbuh One uses 2x4 technology to grant additional Taro rewards.
Kids Next Door... BATTLE STATIONS!

–Numbuh One

Numbuh One (real name Nigel Uno) is the undisputed leader of Sector V in the cartoon Codename: Kids Next Door.

Physical appearance

Nigel usually wears a red turtle-neck sweater, grey shorts, white socks, and brown shoes, which act as rocket shoes for him when he clicks his heels together. He is seldom seen without his sunglasses; most noticeably of all, he is bald.



Fusion Fall Number 1 by 1HotPrInCeSs2

Numbuh One

In the no-longer-existing Future, he, along with Dexter, are battling enemies in Tech Square in front of Dexlabs. However, after the area was covered with Fusion Matter, he hasn't been seen since.

In The Past, he is seen in Townsville Park with Grandpa Max and The Scotsman. He is one of the people who suspected Grim to be a traitor, despite having teamed up with him previously on The Grim Adventures of KND crossover.



  • His name references that he is Number 1 as his name is Nigel Uno, Uno meaning One in spanish and in italian.
  • He is the only member of Sector V who does not have a sibling.
  • He is terrified of bugs, or flies at least.