◉ Nano Information ◉
NanoNumbuh Four
◢ Level ◣
31 (Retro) ∣ 28 (Academy)
Revive - Group
Don't Give Up!
Numbuh Four inspires you to return to the fight if you get knocked out.
Health - Self Area
Battle Booster
Give yourself a health boost, as well as everyone in the target area.
Drain - Area
Sabotage Strike
A special KND attack that damages all monsters in the area.
Numbuh Four is a character from Codename: Kids Next Door. He is the hand-to-hand combat expert of Sector V and comes from Australia. He has two parents that always look at the bright side, and has a baby brother in his family. His personality and slightly dimwitted mind often gets him tricked or suckered. But despite this, he's got a strong sense of determination and never gives up in a fight. He hates all girly things and fears swimming. Despite this, he has a hidden crush on fellow KND operative Numbuh Three (or, at least, hidden to her). As adults, they're married.


In Fusion
Fusion Fall 4

Numbuh Four

, he fell when the invasion intensified in The Future. In The Past, he's at Mount Blackhead with Numbuh Three. He helps the player find and take on Fusion Tolietnator and also hands out missions. During the mission for the Mac Nano, he was much needed help when the player tries to recover Mac's bag from Fuse's monsters only to realize a gooby trap was set inside. His Fusion lies within the Dinosaur Pass infected zone found within the Darklands. The Fusion Numbuh Four secret lair is outside the infected zone near Really Twisted Forest.



  • His archenemy is the Toiletnator who is also his long lost uncle.
  • His real name is Wallabee Beetles.
  • Fusion Numbuh Four and Fusion Numbuh Three are the only Kids Next Door fusions to not use any equipment of any kind in their boss fights.
    • Fusion Numbuh One wears a gas mask and is accompanied by gas-masked fusion spawns.
    • Fusion Numbuh Two uses a F.L.A.P.P.U.H to fly.
    • Fusion Numbuh Five uses blasters.
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