◉ Nano Information ◉
NanoNumbuh Five
◢ Level ◣
08 (Retro) ∣ 04 (Academy)
Revive - Self
Numbuh Five will revive you if you get knocked out in battle.
Sneak - Group
Secret Agent
Make your whole group stealthy to avoid a monster's gaze.
Leech - Point
Drop Kick
The awesome Drop Kick steals a foe's energy and adds it to yours.
We are the Kids Next Door, Numbuh Four! We save kids. That's our job.

–Numbuh Five

Numbuh Five is one of the five main characters from Codename: Kids Next Door. She is the spy and espionage tactics expert of Sector V, as well as the second in command (since she's easily the most level-headed of the group), and keeps guard over their candy stash. She talks in third person about herself, due to her calm, cool personality. Her older sister, Cree (formerly Numbuh Eleven), is her arch-nemesis. Numbuh Five is also the one who convinced Numbuh One to join the KND. As an adult, she is assumed to have married Numbuh Two


In FusionFall, she is the first to greet players in the Future, alongside Ben, and fills them in on the details concerning Planet Fusion and Fuse's plan of absorbing Earth. She is located at the Pokey Oaks North Mall in The Future. In the past, she can be found at Genius Grove, with Professor Utonium and Dee Dee. Her Fusion is first fought aboard the Sweet Revenge, the gooey remains of Captain Stickybeard's ship at Candy Cove's infected zone. Her Hidden Lair is within the maze at Foster's Home, with Frankie mentioning that she wanted an imaginary friend of her own. She gets her wish, even though this is the player disguised, and is ultimately defeated. The real Numbuh Five is also at Mt. Neverest when the player graduates from Advanced Training.



  • Numbuh Five is the one of the only two from Codename: Kids Next Door to appear in both The Past and The Future, the other being Numbuh Two (and Numbuh One, if one counts his cameo appearence fighting alongside Dexter.).
  • Numbuh Five is one of only three people who refer to themselves in the third person (saying their own names instead of "I" or "Me"). The other are Dracula and Demongo.
  • She and Numbuh Three are the only KND characters whose Nano type isn't the same color as their sweaters.
  • Her archenemy is Stickybeard. This is likely why her Fusion can be found on his ship, the Sweet Revenge.