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Nano and Monster Types play a big role in FusionFall. Monsters and Nanos are divided into three types, each made out of a slightly different type of Fusion Matter - Adaptium (A), Blastons (B) or Cosmix (C).


Type A's trump type B's, type B's trump type C's, and type C's trump type A's.

Each Nano falls under one of the three types, each Monster does, too. These different types trump one another very much like a game of rock/paper/scissors. When you're fighting a monster, it is advised that you pay attention to what type of monster it is. The Nano you have active during combat can either help you or hurt you.

By utilizing the right nano in combat, you can reflect a monster's corruption attack and damage it instead.

You should always try using a Nano that beats the monster type you are fighting. The monster's type is shown on the monster indicator on the top of your screen, while the Nano's type is shown on the NanoCom on the lower-right of your screen. You will also see an icon next to the monster that will tell you if your active Nano is the is the best type of Nano for defeating that monster. If you see a green check-mark, you will get a bonus against that monster; if you see an equal sign, neither you nor the monster will get a bonus; and if you see a red x, the monster will get a bonus against you.


Main article: Gumballs

Gumballs come in A/B/C flavors to correspond to each Nano type. Feeding your Nano the right flavor will instantly give them a burst of power

Nanos by type

Adaptium Blastons Cosmix
NanoUnstable.png NanoNumbuh Two.png NanoEduardo.png NanoButtercup.png NanoWilt.png NanoDee Dee.png NanoEddy.png NanoBlossom.png NanoEdd.png
NanoMegas.png NanoBilly.png NanoBloo.png NanoNumbuh Five.png NanoHim.png NanoNumbuh One.png NanoProfessor Utonium.png NanoBubbles.png NanoFourArms.png
NanoDemongo.png NanoBelladonna.png NanoGrim.png NanoMojo Jojo.png NanoMandark.png NanoMandy.png NanoVilgax.png NanoSwampfire.png NanoComputress.png
NanoDexter.png NanoCoco.png NanoJuniper Lee.png NanoMac.png NanoHex.png NanoEd.png NanoNumbuh Three.png NanoNumbuh Four.png NanoAku.png
NanoCourage.png NanoSamurai Jack.png NanoFlapjack.png NanoRunty.png NanoJohnny Bravo.png NanoHumungousaur.png

Adaptium Blastons Cosmix
NanoNumbuhTwoOG.png NanoEduardoOG.png NanoMegasOG.png NanoButtercupOG.png NanoWiltOG.png NanoDeeDeeOG.png NanoEddyOG.png NanoBlossomOG.png NanoEddOG.png
NanoBillyOG.png NanoBlooOG.png NanoDemongoOG.png NanoNumbuhFiveOG.png NanoHimOG.png NanoNumbuhOneOG.png NanoProfessorUtoniumOG.png NanoBubblesOG.png NanoFourArmsOG.png
NanoGrimOG.png NanoDexterOG.png NanoCocoOG.png NanoMojoJojoOG.png NanoMandarkOG.png NanoMandyOG.png NanoVilgaxOG.png NanoSwampfireOG.png NanoNumbuhThreeOG.png
NanoJuniperLeeOG.png NanoCourageOG.png NanoSamuraiJackOG.png NanoMacOG.png NanoHexOG.png NanoEdOG.png NanoNumbuhFourOG.png NanoAkuOG.png NanoHumungousaurOG.png
NanoRex.png NanoJohnnyBravoOG.png NanoFlapjackOG.png NanoFinn.png NanoCheese.png NanoJohnny Test.png NanoAlien X.png NanoAmpFibian.png NanoSym-BionicTitan.png
NanoJake.png NanoRigby.png NanoGumball.png NanoZak Saturday.png NanoIce King.png NanoRath.png NanoVan Kleiss.png NanoMordecai.png
NanoChowder.png NanoPrincess Bubblegum.png NanoDarwin.png