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A Monkey Skyway Agent.

Monkey Skyway Agents are a form of transportation that flies players to various stops throughout the world for a fee. The Monkey Skyway system was created by Mojo Jojo and operations are carried out by his Monkey Minions equipped with jetpacks. They appear in the Fusionfall manga comic alongside him.

The fees are generally cheaper than that of the KND S.C.A.M.P.E.R.; rather than instantly warp you, however, it shows the full duration of the player being transported. Monkey Skyway Agents will fly different routes to and from certain locations, like between City Station and Orchid Bay, or Mount Blackhead and Pimpleback Mountains. As the most common of Transport Hubs, those found at Peach Creek Commons, City Station, and Mount Blackhead branch out to several destinations.

The Skyway is designed for shorter hops between neighborhoods within a region. There are a number of Monkey Skyway stations in each region, but aside from Foster's Home and Camp Kidney they do not connect across regional boundaries.

List of areas with Monkey Skyway Services

The Future

The Past



The Wilds

The Darklands


  • When travelling from Orchid Bay to City Hall, the Monkey Minion will sometimes fly and subsequently clip through a building. This issue has yet to be documented in Retro, however.
  • During a trip from Orchid Bay to City Station, the Agent seemingly flies through the Southeast corner of Sunny Bridges Auditorium.
  • In the games code, the agents are sometimes referred to as "Griffins".