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  • Hey Reg,

    I was reading through the old fanfiction blogs you had made on this site, and while the writing was cringful, the story had lots of potential. I especially like how Dexter is manipulated by Albedo to basically drive the Resistance to its grave, as well as things like Mandark being wrongfully accused of a crime and all. 

    In fact, for a future arc I have planned in my own fanfiction (2nd Chapter coming on October 1st btw), the story was actually based off yours, specifically from "An Uneasy Alliance" and "Impure Hearts", but ultimately goes towards a different direction. So this is a request to basically adapt some of the chapters you made into the chapters I will make in the future. It's totally okay if you put your foot down and say no, as plagiarism is a sin in writing, and I don't intend to do it at all. But if you say yes, I'll do what I can to pay homage to your story, while make sure I'm in line with mine.


    PS: Thanks again for giving me the green light to use Liam Osborne in my fanfic, (if what you said was a green light, probably wasn't); I've already determined his role in the FusionFall arc as the first human to kill a Fusion Doppleganger. I think you'd be relatively happy to know that.

    PPS: If you didn't mean yes, then may I use the name for a character? 

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    • First off, sorry for the late reply; I am super busy these days.

      I'm flattered that you liked my (amateur) work, I had forgotten all about it until now, but when looking back, I got a flicker of nostalgia. All stories need a resolution, somehow, someway. I'll leave it up to you to lead the way. :)

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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • So i was going through Thetexassooner1's messages right? And i see one from you that has this in it: 

    ZakEdWillBenMegas15BrianJordan Eddy? (damn, first guy I met here)"

    I cannot believe I was the first person you met on here lol! That's so odd how that kind of thing works out. Believe it or not, I'm a mod for the Legacy project now! So if there's any way that I can help out around here do not hesitate to let me know!

    So how have you been doing since I disappeared from the FF Wiki scene?


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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • Just to let you know, those categories you created actually already exist as

    Monsters by Type

    Adaptium Monsters

    Blastons Monsters

    Cosmix Monsters

    Monsters by Level

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    • I know, but they letters should be lower case. I'Dve just renamed the category, but Wikia doesn't allow that.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • Hey is there a way for just regular users to update the featured stuff? They've been the same articles for a while now.

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    • Hi, I believe we recently changed our feature articles. Usually, featured articles are chosen by the community in a vote, rather than by any one person.

      As of right now, however, we are in 'clean-up mode', and featured articles aren't really one of our primary priorities at the moment, but when things are all smoothed out, you can join in on voting for a submission.

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    • Sounds good!!

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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • I am rather new to the.. community part of this wiki (ive been using this wiki for information for, god knows how long) And i just wanted to introduce myself, let you know ive already made a bunch of edits to add some missing info in some places, and I will be keeping my eye out for other places i can help improve the wiki!

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  • Im new to the FFL wiki and forum so  I was just wanting to say hi

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  • Heyyo, it's Zak. I need to talk to you ASAP. I forget your FFL forum name, so just PM me on the FFL forums (@Zak).

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  • I just left you a new message in Young Justice Wiki.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • Why did you delete my edit on Fusionfall about the gameplay? It is necessary info

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    • I put it back, but still

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    • I'm planning to clean up every article on wiki, that includes everything being formatted more efficiently and elegantly. Nothing was wrong with your edit, per se, but it needs to be formatted better. Preferably in a wikitable.

      I'll be having a larger discussion about this when I can wrangle all of the administrators into the chatroom or at least communicate with them collectively. Please understand and thank you for being here, we need the users that we still have left.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • One day I want to hurt you,

    Just as much as you've hurt me.

    I hope that you now realize,

    I hope that you now you see...

    That you broke me so many times,

    It was just fine before you came,

    Filled with so much fun and joy,

    Did you think this was a game?

    Cause I will never be the old me,

    I just wish every day,

    That at that moment that i met you,

    I would of turned and ran away,

    I've tried the getting over,

    The walking forward; not looking back,

    But that I have come to realize,

    Is just not possible in fact....

    So now the only option is,

    Though I wish it didn't have to,

    You've left me so unfixable,

    That I must admit I hate you....

    So ill try it one last time,

    Ill try and maybe move on.

    I hate you now with all my heart,

    I suppose its better that I'm gone.'


    It's something called pain.

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