May Kanker is the sister of Marie Kanker and Lee Kanker. Her crush on Ed is due to both being the stupid one.


The Future

May, like the rest of her sisters, is nowhere to be found. Eddy said in the Future that the Kankers "aren't here anymore."

The Past

May Kanker

In the Past, she stands at Camp Kidney, after getting lost in the woods chasing after Ed, who was running away from her. Her missions involve trying to find Ed and getting him to date her.

The Book of Prophecy

She, along with her sisters, found the Book of Prophecy that transferred the power to activate totems to the hero. May uses her newfound magical powers to create a love potion that would make Ed fall in love with her. Gwen intervenes and tells the player to get the Book of Prophecy from her. May refuses to give it up unless she goes on a date with Ed, which Ed refuses to do. The player gives her his jawbreaker and she gives it up.


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