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◢ Nano Item ◣
◢ Appearance ◣
Species ▸ Human
Gender ▸ Female
Hair Color ▸ Blonde
Eye Color ▸ Brown
◉ Nano Information ◉
◢ Level ◣
25 (Retro) ∣ 24 (Academy)
Run - Group.png
Seismic Slap
Mandy slaps your group on the behind for a speed boost for all.
Treasure Finder.png
More for Me
Treasures will appear on your mini-map if they know what's good for them.
Recall - Self.png
Dimensional Rift
Mandy uses an artifact stolen from Grim's trunk to warp you to a recall point.
I could keep these powers...but I already have common sense. So I don't want 'em.

– Mandy

Mandy is one of the three title characters from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy world and is possibly the most feared person from the series. She is a cruel, cynical girl with a dark personality and is often seen as scary, even by her own family. In only three of the eighty episodes of the series did Mandy ever crack a smile. She has a tendency to boss Billy and especially Grim around all the time.


The Past

She can be found at Devil's Bluff plotting to raise her own troops after hearing about Mojo Jojo and his plans for creating an alien army. She also hands out guide missions for those following Mojo Jojo, foiling some of Mojo's plans for the hero, while aiding herself with others. She is very grumpy and angry most of the time.

Non-Prophet Organization

When Billy steals the player's power to activate the totems to protect the planet from Fuse's clutches, Mandy was the key that helped the player recover those powers. She gave the player the Pillow of Common Sense and told the player to smack Billy with it. Strangely, it worked and it absorbed the player's powers back from Billy. Mandy would have kept the pillow and the powers, but decided she already had enough common sense and gave the player back the powers and also helped the player locate a nearby totem.


Mojo Guide Missions

Past World Missions

Past Nano Mission



  • When Mandy heard about Mojo Jojo making a monkey army, she wanted to create her own.
  • Strangely, while in the show Mandy has no nose (and was sometimes made fun of because of it), in FusionFall she does, though her Nano remains nasally deprived.
  • Mandy is the only The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy character to be in FusionFall from the original release to not have a biography page, with Billy, Grim, and Hoss Delgado all having biography art and character descriptions. However, she does have render art that was used on the website and in some wallpapers, as shown in the gallery section.
    • Despite not having biography art, Mandy's fusion does (see gallery above). Notably, Mandy's fusion is in the same pose as Mandy in one of the renders used on the website, just flipped.

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