Lee Kanker is the oldest of the Kanker sisters and is in love with Eddy. Just like Eddy who is the leader of the Eds, she is the leader of the Kankers. Her sisters are Marie Kanker and May Kanker.


In the past, she can be found at the Kanker Trailer in Park n' Flush Trailer Park. When she's not busy, she is either capturing Fusion Spawns and trapping them in the nearby septic tank to torture them or helping Marie with her Trojan Hamburger project.

She is nowhere to be found in the Future, along with her sisters, Ed, and Edd (Double D). As seen by most FusionFall players, Eddy is the only NPC from the show to survive in the Future. A future Nano of her is hinted in a mission when you must get one of her used braces for looking further in depth of the Lee Nano. In a mission in the Future, Eddy says the Kankers aren't around any more.


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