Jungle Training Area
Location Mount Blackhead
Infected Zone Level 14

The Jungle Training Area is the area where the KND trained in their Jungle Outpost -- but since Fuse invaded they haven't been using it a lot. There is only one Fusion Lair, and there are very few missions here. The area is crowded by Ghoulish Growths and platforms to navigate around the large area of ground covered in raw Fusion Matter.


Ghoulish Growth
Name Ghoulish Growth
Boss Ghoulish Growth Rotter
Level 14
Type Blastons
Health 1383
Location Mount Blackhead
Location 2
The introduction of Fusion Matter into the soil caused these trees to grow to full-size almost instantly. The Ghoulish Growths are in no danger of deforestation; they'll pop back up as soon as you cut them down.
Corruption Attack

Battery Drain


Racing Rewards

Fusion Lairs

Music from Infected Zone

Fusionfall Music - Jungle Training Area(Infected Zone)

Fusionfall Music - Jungle Training Area(Infected Zone)

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