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Judy`s route


Name Judy
Boss N/A
Level 24
Type Adaptium
Health 31829
Location Nowhere
Location 2
Judy is a Level 24 Fusion Blowfish found in the open deserts around the tiki heads in Nowhere. Judy is the second most powerful blowfish in the game and uses the same tactics as her fellow brethren Rudy, Tootie, and Cootie. Her route is the most complex blowfish route in the whole game, even though she is weaker than Tootie, who is the most powerful blowfish in the game. It is highly recommended that players bring a Freedom Nano when fighting Judy, or matters might not end up very pleasantly.

Judy may drop a C.R.A.T.E containing the non-tradable (purple-finned) Judy Blowfish Backpack.


It is unknown if Judy is the offspring of the Momma Blowfish.