Collecting Fusion Pods is a key component of racing.

Within each Infected Zone, players can participate in a race for prizes and high scores. Players must race from one end of the Infected Zone to the other, collecting Fusion Pods along the way. Once the player reaches the end, they are given a score and certain rewards based on their performance.

SACT Agents race

The starting and finish agents can be identified by the flags over their heads.

There are two SACT Agents in each Infected Zone, one stationed at the entrance and one at the exit. By speaking to the one at the entrance, players can start a race, or cancel a race already in progress. Once the race starts, players are given a set amount of time to run from the starting agent to the agent at the exit, who will record the player's time upon being spoken to. The time given is usually more than generous to complete the race, with higher scores being awarded for faster times. Scattered throughout the Infected Zone, usually along two specific paths, are Fusion Pods, which according to the SACT agents will grow into Terrafusers if left unchecked (this does not actually happen in gameplay). Collection of these Pods affects the player's score.

The player's overall score is based on a combination of time and the number of Pods collected. While time does play a part in getting a high score, the collection of Pods has the largest effect on the score, thus requiring the player to collect most - if not all - of them in order to score as high as possible. Certain races have a cap on the total possible score. The SACT agents give the player the option to view the current high scores at any point. Scores are sorted into four categories: scores for the current day, scores for the current week, scores for the current month, and the best scores of all time. Only the top ten scores for each are listed.

Race complete

Once a race is completed, the race agent will show the player how well they did and what rewards they received.

Upon completion of a race, the player will a reward based on their score and the number of Pods they collected. The number of Pods affects how much Fusion Matter will be rewarded. Depending on the score, the player may receive an additional reward in the form of a C.R.A.T.E..

SACT man Race

Scores are rated with stars for each level of achievement: 5 (Genius!), 4 (Awesome!), 3 (Good), 2 (Not Bad), and 1 (Bleh!). "Bleh!" and "Not Good" will not have C.R.A.T.E. rewards. A "Good" rank gives the player a bronze C.R.A.T.E., which drops gumballs. An "Awesome!" rank gives the player a silver C.R.A.T.E., which drops uncommon armor and occasionally gumballs. A "Genius!" rank gives the player a gold C.R.A.T.E., which drops rare or ultra-rare armor and occasionally gumballs. Gold C.R.A.T.E.s obtained in courses lower than level 20 will only reward rare armor and occasionally ultra-rare weapons, as there are no ultra-rare sets of armor at those levels. However, the gold C.R.A.T.E.s can give you NanoCom Boosters, which are very hard to get and are only from gold Infected Zone C.R.A.T.E.s

Website Description

Shown below are the website descriptions of the racing mode, as well as the score leaderboards.[1]

"What Are Races?"

If you're not running races, you're missing out on a lot of FusionFall fun! Compete with other players for ranking and earn Fusion Matter and Special Rewards.

You've probably noticed those official-looking characters standing around near the Warp Gates in FusionFall's Infected Zones. Those are SACT (Special Alien Capture Team) Agents, and they're stationed there to oversee races.

To start a race, click on a race attendant, then click the Start Race button. Make your way through the Infected Zone collecting Fusion pods, and finish by checking in with the race attendant at the end of the course (usually on the opposite side of the Infected Zone from where you started).

It's you against the clock! Once you finish, your score will be compared to other players who have run the course.

Leaderboard about highscore

High Score Board

"High Scores"

Clicking through the time frame tabs at the top of the display window (1) will show you the high scores for Today, This Week, This Month and All Time.

To see the top 50 scores in any Infected Zone, click on that zone's button in the Select a Race list (2).

Enter a player character's name in the search box (3) at the top of the high scores window to see their scores. Once you've found the hero you’re looking for, use the time frame tabs and location drop-down menu at the top of the display to narrow down your search.


  • The score boards for the races can still be found using the Wayback Machine. The recency of the scores will of course depend on how recent the page was captured. An example can be found  here.


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