While Fuse’s minions are found all over the world, there are some places where they have really made an impact. Gravity has gone berserk, causing masses of the area to start levitating. Pools of Fusion Matter cover the ground and humongous Terrafusers only worsen the situation. These areas have been isolated by Dexter who makes force fields to try to stop the spread of the Fusion Matter infection. Many missions will take you into these Infected Zones. You may also want to go in to help gather up young Fusion Matter pods before the infection spreads further. Most Fusion Lairs are located inside infected zones, there are a few exceptions. Gooby Traps can be found in all (or most) of the infected zones. Infected zones are sometimes full of Fusion Monsters, but zones like the Crystalline Caverns, Sweet Revenge, Loch MessJungle Training Area, and The Fissure don´t. Sometimes entire areas are made only out of a huge infected zone and a small clear area where the warp portal is, such as Goat's Junk Yard, Nuclear Plant and Dark Glade. The KND Training Area is the only infected zone which doesn't appear in the past.


Infected zones contain various devices provided by SACT in order to make traversing them possible.[1]

Device Game Guide Description Game Guide Image
Zip Lines If you click on the end of a zip line you slide down to the end. You can let go of the zip line at any time by pressing the Space Bar. Some zip lines allow you to travel upwards as well.
Ff gg ziplines
Slides Jumping on a slide allows you to move down a twisting slide to the bottom. You can steer while sliding using normal commands.
Ff gg slides
Moving Platforms You can ride a moving platform to traverse dangerous areas.
Ff gg movingplatforms
Jump Pads Jumping on a jump pad will allow you to jump higher in the air than normal.
Ff gg jumpads
Launchers Launchers are cannons that can shoot you out and over danger. Check out the table in the “Controls” section of this document to learn how to use the launcher.
Ff gg launchers

Infected Zones

IZ01 IZ02 IZ03 IZ04 IZ05 IZ06
KND Training Area

Sector V (The Future)

Pokey Oaks Junior High

Pokey Oaks North (The Future)

Mandark's House

Genius Grove (The Future)

Delightful Developments

Peach Creek Estates (The Future)

Megas' Last Stand

Goat's Junk Yard (The Future)

Pokey Oaks Junior High

Pokey Oaks North

IZ07 IZ08 IZ09 IZ10 IZ11 IZ12
Mandark's House

Genius Grove

Sweet Revenge

Candy Cove

Delightful Developments

Peach Creek Estates

Megas' Last Stand

Goat's Junk Yard

The Boneyard

Eternal Meadows

Reactor Works

Nuclear Plant

IZ13 IZ14 IZ15 IZ16 IZ17 IZ18
Charles Darwin Middle School

Habitat Homes

Dizzy World

City Point

Sunny Bridges Auditorium

Marquee Row

Jungle Training Area

Mount Blackhead

Loch Mess

Leakey Lake

The Fissure

Townsville Park

IZ19 IZ20 IZ21 IZ22 IZ23 IZ24
Cutts and Bruises Skate Park

Orchid Bay

Sand Castle

Bravo Beach

Crystalline Caverns

Pimpleback Mountains

Construction Site

Morbucks Towers

Hani-Baba Temple

The Ruins

Tyrannical Gardens

Galaxy Gardens

IZ25 IZ26 IZ27 IZ28 IZ29 IZ30
Skypad Space Port

Offworld Plaza

Nowhere Triangle

Area 51.5

The Canopy

Really Twisted Forest

Monkey Summit

Monkey Mountain

Dinosaur Graveyard

Dinosaur Pass

Inferno Fields




Dark Tree Clearing

Dark Glade

Green Gullet

Green Maw


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