Hoss Delgado is a Paranormal Bounty Hunter with a robotic hand that changes into weapons, such as a cannon, a machine gun, and even a laser sword. He has a hatred for Grim and Mandy.

He now leads the team, Underfist. Despite all his macho, Hoss is 43 and still lives with his mother. The reason for the loss of his eye, he claims is that he ran with scissors and, supposely, ended up poking his eye out. For his hand, it got stuck behind the couch when Hoss was reaching for the remote. He is scared of the monster in his closet, an evil marshmallow bunny.


In FusionFall he can be found at Devil's Bluff. He acts as a mission handler for players that choose Ben as their guide. He is shown to have a dislike towards both Hex and oddly Coco and Courage's farmhouse, and a respect for Ben and Juniper Lee.


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