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Hoss Delgado
◢ Nano Item ◣
Spare Eyepatch
◢ Appearance ◣
Species ▸ Human
Gender ▸ Male
Hair Color ▸ Red
Eye Color ▸ Brown

Hoss Delgado is a paranormal bounty hunter with a robotic hand that changes into weapons, such as a cannon, a machine gun, and even a laser sword. He has a hatred for Grim and Mandy.

He now leads the team, Underfist. Despite all his macho, Hoss is 43 and still lives with his mother. The reason for the loss of his eye, he claims is that he ran with scissors and, supposedly, ended up poking his eye out. For his hand, it got stuck behind the couch when Hoss was reaching for the remote. He is scared of the monster in his closet, an evil marshmallow bunny.


The Past

Hoss Delgado

In the Past, he can be found at Devil's Bluff. He acts as a mission handler for players that choose Ben as their guide. He is shown to have a dislike towards both Hex and oddly Coco and Courage's farmhouse, and a respect for Ben and Juniper Lee. He gives out missions that are designed to toughen up the player.

Suspected Treason

Hoss was tricked by Fusion Numbuh Four, who was pretending to be the real Numbuh Four into believing Coco was a traitor. He also revealed her location to him. This caused the the Fusions in the Really Twisted Forest to attack Coco. The player puts an end to this by defeating Fusion Numbuh Four. Numbuh Four chastises Hoss for his stupidity.

Ben Guide Missions

Hoss handles the Darklands portion of Ben's guide missions. He toughens up the player to get them ready for the Darklands. He helps the player stop Fuse from creating a Fusion Kevin army. His plans are weird, but effective. He uses a Skull Basher brain to read Fuse's mind to figure out where the Fusion Kevin army is being made. He then gets the player to put an Eyebore eye in Fuse's Terrafuser device to shut down Fusion Kevin production.

Other Appearances

There is a set based on his outfit that can be obtained by doing guide missions for Ben.


Ben Guide Missions

Past World Missions



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