◉ Nano Information ◉
◢ Level ◣
13 (Retro) ∣ 12 (Academy)
Drain - Area
Evil Laugh
Him's terrifying guffaw damages all monsters in the area.
Health - Self Area
Him's chortle gives a boost to you and all allies in the target zone.
Freedom - Self
Demonic Possession
A burst of demonic power will protect you from enemy attacks!
Him is one of the antagonists to the Powerpuff Girls and is a manifestation of pure evil. Even the name of this being is so diabolical that no-one dares to use any other title but "Him." Him's voice is usually high-pitched, but changes into a scary deep tone if angry. Unlike the other Powerpuff Girls' villains, Him doesn't attack the girls physically, although he has been shown to have great physical strength. Instead, Him uses his powers to cause psychological events that make his enemies mentally break. He feeds off people's negative emotions, which in turn, makes him very powerful. His powers are so great that he was able to bring the Rowdyruff Boys back to life.


When Planet Fusion first arrived at Earth, Him tried to befriend Fuse but was forcefully rejected. Because of this, Him decided that it was time for Fuse to leave, and joined the heroes and villains in the common cause to defeat Fuse. This hatred later turns to rage when Him finds out about Fusion Him over in Habitat Homes and the graveyard. Many of Him's missions involve finding or bringing to him things he wants or are missing, such as Mr. Quackers (his rubber duck) or a herbal body wash.

Arrival of Fuse

War Against Fuse

The Future

The Past


  • Him used to be part of the villainous band, the Beat-Alls. Coincidentally, he and the other members (Princess, Mojo Jojo, and Fuzzy Lumkins) are in the game.