The Future Guide Missions
Name LVL Difficulty NPC Location
2X4 Technology01NormalNumbuh TwoSector V (The Future)
Start Your Engines02NormalNumbuh FivePokey Oaks North (The Future)
Haste Makes Paste03Normal EddyPeach Creek Commons (The Future)
Into the Vortex03HardEduardoPeach Creek Commons (The Future)
Bring Me the Head of Larry 300004NormalMandarkGenius Grove (The Future)
Time to GoNot in Retro Small04EasyNumbuh TwoSector V (The Future)
Ben Tennyson Guide Missions
Name LVL Difficulty NPC Location
Gear Up04HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Terrafuser Tango04HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Pesky Problems05HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Follow Your Node05HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Hide and Go Eek06HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Pokey Punch-Out06HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Bugs And Earplugs07HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Base Case, Part One08HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Base Case, Part Two09HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Major Miner10HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Nuclear Haste11HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Tree House Trouble12HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Max Marathon13HardNumbuh 311City Point
High Jinx14HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
You Make the Call15HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
Free Launch16HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
Omnitrix Fix17HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
Hard Cell18HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
Appetite For Destruction19HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
No Ghosts Allowed20HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
Vine Time21HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
Do Not Enter22HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
Nowhere To Go23HardBenOffworld Plaza
Tough Cell24HardBenOffworld Plaza
Into The Wild25HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Chicken Scrap26HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Mountain Madness27HardBenOffworld Plaza
Dark Times28HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Sinister Plans29HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Pit Stop30HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Bash Your Brains31HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Welcome to Braintree32HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Satellite Mission33HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Captain's Log34HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Eyebore Easily35HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Fusion Finale36HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Dexter Guide Missions
Name LVL Difficulty NPC Location
Blossom Battle04HardBlossomSector V
Major Worry04HardBlossomSector V
Sector Defender05HardBlossomSector V
Lab Assistance05HardBlossomSector V
Home Invaders06HardBlossomSector V
Hardware Help06HardBlossomSector V
Supplies Party07HardBlossomSector V
Spooky Spies08HardBlossomSector V
Remember Buttercup09HardBlossomSector V
Bad Nukes10HardBlossomSector V
Relay Race11HardBlossomSector V
See Ya Later, Alternator12HardBlossomSector V
Dexlabs Delivery13HardDexbot Q-12City Station
Ms. Missing14HardDexbot Q-12City Station
Don't Lose Your Head I15HardGrimOrchid Bay
Don't Lose Your Head II16HardGrimOrchid Bay
Laser Blast17HardGrimOrchid Bay
Don't Lose Your Head III18HardGrimOrchid Bay
Love and Hades19HardGrimOrchid Bay
What The Hades20HardGrimOrchid Bay
Strike A Cord21HardGrimOrchid Bay
Power up22HardGrimOrchid Bay
Spa Daze23HardGrimOrchid Bay
Tracking Jack24HardDexterTech Square
Warrior's Welcome25HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Magical Aid26HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Tech Meets Magic27HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Horrordactyl Hunt28HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Friend in Need29HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
The Power of Bonk30HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Demongone31HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Bully the Bullies32HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Soul Recovery33HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Warriors Reborn34HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
The Dark Wizard35HardDexterTech Square
Shadows of Aku36HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Edd Guide Missions
Name LVL Difficulty NPC Location
Don't Be a Drip04NormalRanger RalphieSector V
Ed-vanced Combat04HardRanger RalphieSector V
Chairman of the Cardboard05HardRanger RalphieSector V
Map Quest05HardEddSector V
Crazy Brain Drain06HardEddPeach Creek Commons
Treasure Hunt06HardEddPeach Creek Commons
Spex Trek07HardBillyEndsville
Sweet and Buried08HardBillyEndsville
Booger Boogie09HardBillyEndsville
Candygram Jam10HardBillyEndsville
Tangelo Fellow11HardBillyEndsville
Kibbles 'n' Hits12HardBillyEndsville
You and Bloo13HardBlooCity Point
Fun and Games, Part One14HardBlooCity Point
Fun and Games, Part Two15HardBlooCity Point
We Deliver16HardBlooCity Point
Skate Switcheroo17HardBlooCity Point
Sandy Candy18HardBlooCity Point
Bloo Is Green19HardBlooCity Point
Spy Games20HardBlooCity Point
Tree Treasure21HardBlooCity Point
Candy Crush22HardBlooCity Point
Fusion Cuisine23HardBlooCity Point
Spaced Out24HardBlooCity Point
Nowhere Dog25HardCourageNowhere
Eggplant Peril26HardCourageNowhere
Slippery Foes27HardCourageNowhere
Valley Ghouls28HardCourageNowhere
Candy Scare29HardCourageNowhere
Monster Mash30HardCourageNowhere
Root of Evil31HardCourageNowhere
Swarm Reception32HardCourageNowhere
Plant Plan33HardCourageNowhere
Shell Game34HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Sap Attack35HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Candy No More36HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Mojo Jojo Guide Missions
Name LVL Difficulty NPC Location
Kids Wanted04NormalJibba JabbaSector V
Poster Imposter04HardJibba JabbaSector V
First Matey05HardJibba JabbaSector V
Me and Him05HardFatherPeach Creek Commons
Under Development06HardFatherPeach Creek Commons
Gun Run06HardFatherPeach Creek Commons
Wing And a Prayer07HardFatherPeach Creek Commons
Blood Feud08HardFatherPeach Creek Commons
Sweet Recovery09HardFatherPeach Creek Commons
Chemical Xcursion10HardFatherPeach Creek Commons
Say Cheese11HardFatherPeach Creek Commons
Monkey Business12HardFatherPeach Creek Commons
A Boy Named Sue13HardRamma JammaCity Station
Not-So-Secret Admirer14HardMandroid M-99City Station
Invention Protection, Part One15HardMandroid M-99City Station
Invention Protection, Part Two16HardMandroid M-99City Station
Wharf War17HardMandroid M-99City Station
Beach Boom18HardMandroid M-99City Station
Guilt Trip19HardMojo JojoMojo's Volcano
Panicked Attack20HardMojo JojoMojo's Volcano
Arboretum Beat 'Em Up21HardMojo JojoMojo's Volcano
Tech Squares22HardMojo JojoMojo's Volcano
Chemical Xpert23HardMojo JojoMojo's Volcano
Princess Pal24HardMojo JojoMojo's Volcano
Fuzzy Wuzzy25HardFuzzy LumkinsLeakey Lake
Water You Doing?26HardMandyDevil's Bluff
Post Hypnotic Infection27HardMandyDevil's Bluff
Monkey Shines28HardMandyDevil's Bluff
All Systems Go, Mojo29HardMandyDevil's Bluff
Double Doublecross30HardMojo JojoMojo's Volcano
Know Your Roots 31HardMandyDevil's Bluff
Tree Trapped32HardMandyDevil's Bluff
The Lair Out There33HardMandyDevil's Bluff
Move Over, Mandy34HardMandyDevil's Bluff
Prince Charming35HardMandyDevil's Bluff
The Cracks of Fuse36HardMandyDevil's Bluff