Glasses are non-stat affecting items worn usually on the player's face. Many glasses have been released in addition to the original glasses ingame.

Current list of Glasses

Image Name Level Description Type Rarity Trade Buy Sell
2010 Glasses2010 Glasses1Ring in the new year like you can see the future in these stylish glasses.GlassesUltra RareTradable20351
Action BlindfoldAction Blindfold1Show Fusion Spawns that you don't even need to see to whip their tails!GlassesUltra RareTradable00
Beagle PussBeagle Puss1Classic Groucho glasses, now with additional comedy goodness built right in!GlassesUncommonTradable20351
Evil Kiva Cyber Eye PieceEvil Kiva Cyber Eye Piece1Robotics never looked so good. Goes with the full Kiva outfit, or jeans and a t-shirtGlassesUncommonTradable20852
Focus BlindfoldFocus BlindfoldRetro Exclusive Small1Is fighting with a blindfold on really that impressive if EVERYONE is doing it? Whatever, do your thing.GlassesUltra rareTradableN/A
Fusion Numbah One ShadesFusion Numbuh One ShadesRetro Exclusive Small1You can't see a single thing in these red tinted Fusion shades. May as well wear a blindfold at that point.GlassesUltra rareTradableN/A
High Seas SwabbieHigh Seas Swabbie1Travel incognito in this classic bandit's disguise.GlassesRareTradable20852
IMask2Incognito Mask1When digging a tunnel using nothing but a stolen spoon, it's important to accessorize.GlassesUltra RareNot tradable00
Owl Guardian Mask lowresOwl Guardian MaskNot in Retro Small1Join the ranks of Ga'Hoole's greatest warriors with this Owl Guardian armored helmet. (Item expires after 21 days) (AD)GlassesUltra RareNot Tradable00
Numbuh One ShadesRock And Roll Shades1The Title Lizard King might be taken, but you'll look like at least a prince in these glasses.GlassesUltra RareTradable00
Santa BeardSanta Beard1This beard is just like Santa's--complete with cookie crumbs and shed reindeer fur.GlassesUncommonNot tradable
Knishmas BeardKnishmas Beard1This luxurious beard doubles as a repository for Schmingerbread crumbs. Waste not, want not!GlassesRareTradable
Jetray MaskJetray Mask1You won't get Neuroshock Blast power from this mask, but you will look extremely cool.GlassesRareTradable21353
S.M.E.L.L.M.E.T.S.M.E.L.L.M.E.T.2Enemy smell protection. Shielded Mask Expels Lotsa Lousy Malodorous Emanations Totally.GlassesRareTradable22456
Scouter LensDon Doom Scouter4Don Doom collected this scouter from a distant alien world. Now it's yours.GlassesUltra rareNot tradable25063
Master Toxic MaskMaster Toxic Mask4This protective mask was collected from the deadly Don Doom.GlassesRareNot tradable24662
LoveStruckGlassesLove Struck GlassesNot in Retro Small4The perfect glasses for making googley eyes at someone you like.GlassesUltra RareNot tradable00
Diva Dynamite GogglesDiva Dynamite Goggles5Just like Dee Dee's super heroic alter-ego, you too can sport the pinkest of eyewear.GlassesCommonTradable25965
High Seas StowawayHigh Seas Stowaway5Travel incognito in this classic bandit's disguise.GlassesUncommonTradable33885
Him MaskHim Mask5Get all the creepy sass of Him in this special Halloween-edition mask.GlassesCommonTradable25965
Funny EyesFunny Eyes5Disguise your true feelings with these mirage-style goggles.GlassesCommonTradable27268
Korean MaskKorean Mask5This culturally-inspired mask has an old world look to add character to your style.GlassesUncommonTradable35489
Numbuh One ShadesNumbuh One Shades5Lead the kids on your team with these shades styled after the KND's chief.GlassesRareTradable29975
Galactic Enforcer MaskGalactic Enforcer Mask7Wear the mask of the Galactic Enforcers and join the intergalactic super-team.GlassesUltra rareNot tradable28972
Domino MaskDomino Mask7A classic of disguise, this mask is at appropriate for both masked balls and spy missions.GlassesRareTradable27268
Bat SunglassesBat Sunglasses9They won't give you Sonar, but these sunglases will give you very visible coolness.GlassesUncommonTradable29975
Combat GogglesCombat Goggles9When there's a war on, you've got to protect your peepers! These goggles fit the bill.GlassesCommonTradable33885
Hypno GlassesHypno Glasses9These swirly specs may not hypnotize your foes, but they will get their attention.GlassesUncommonTradable34687
Infrared GogglesInfrared Goggles9Night vision is yours! Get the edge over your foes by sneaking up on them in the dark.GlassesCommonTradable33885
Major Glory MaskMajor Glory Mask9Majorly sparkly and super heroic, this is a mask for a superstar of good deed-doing.GlassesUltra rareTradable36391
Orlando Bloo DisguiseOrlando Bloo Disguise9You'll never fool Frankie, but you will look hilarious when you wear your fake mustache.GlassesRareTradable33885
Pink Wing GlassesPink Wing Glasses9Futuristic design mixes with girly style in these candy-colored glasses for all battle divas.GlassesCommonTradable34687
Billy NoseBilly Nose13This nose is soooooo great. You'll be able to smell your own boogers!GlassesCommonTradable36391
Cyber GogglesCyber Goggles13The cybernetic style of these specs gives any outfit a high-tech vibe.GlassesRareTradable425106
Mayor's MonocleMayor's Monocle13Pretend to rule Townsville or the battlefield with this civic leader's eyepiece.GlassesCommonTradable36391
Pirate's Eye PatchPirate's Eye Patch13Add to your shipboard cred with this piratical accessory. Aye aye!GlassesRareTradable38797
Skull MaskSkull Mask13Even fast as lightning bad boys and girls need head protection!GlassesUltra rareNot tradable38797
Space Cop MaskSpace Cop Mask13Hide your identity while defending justice in this heroic and comfy mask.GlassesUltra rareTradable486122
Dexter GlassesDexter Glasses17You might not be a visionary genius, but that doesn't mean you can't look like one.GlassesUncommonTradable486122
Master Toxic MaskGas Mask17Protect yourself from in haling toxic Fusion particles, and look great doing it!GlassesCommonTradable486122
Mask of Ah PukMask of Ah Puk17Now the artifact coveted by the Forever Knight is yours to wear.GlassesRareTradable519130
High Seas BuccaneerHigh Seas Buccaneer21Travel incognito in this classic bandit's disguise.GlassesUltra rareTradable696174
Lucky Girl MaskLucky Girl Mask21Assume the role of Gwen Tennyson's alter-ego in this handcrafted deco-detail mask.GlassesUltra rareTradable696174
Scouter LensScouter Lens21Heads up display and cyber jack make this perfect for heroes who like to stay informed.GlassesUncommonTradable651163
Ski GogglesSki Goggles21Protect your eyes from the glare of the sun as it glints off snow or Fusion monsters.GlassesCommonTradable577144
Truffles GlassesTruffles Glasses21Who's there? Come a little closer. Is that you, Chowder? That order better be done!GlassesUncommonNot tradable684171
Xtreme Ski GogglesXtreme Ski Goggles21Protect your eyes from the glare of the sun as it glints off snow or Fusion monsters.GlassesRareTradable772193
Dexstar GogglesDexstar Goggles25Protective eyewear for the superhero in all of us.GlassesUltra rareNot tradable696174
Eustace's Fright MaskEustace's Fright Mask25Frighten Courage and monsters in this hand-crafted epitome of creepy cruel jokery.GlassesCommonTradable651163
Snowboard GogglesSnowboard Goggles25Protect your eyes from the glare of the sun as it glints off snow or Fusion monsters.GlassesCommonTradable668167
Spectral Exterminator VisorSpectral Exterminator Visor25Operates in low-light conditions as well as in high-monster conditions.GlassesUltra rareNot tradable696174
Aku's Flaming EyeAku's Flaming Eye29Now you can wear the menacing look of a stylish villain, but you can't shape-shift.GlassesUncommonTradable931233
High Seas CaptainHigh Seas Captain29Travel incognito in this classic bandit's disguise.GlassesUltra rareTradable931233
High Seas RaiderHigh Seas Raider29Travel incognito in this classic bandit's disguise.GlassesRareTradable931233
Xtreme Snowboard GogglesXtreme Snowboard Goggles29Protect your eyes from the glare of the sun as it glints off snow or Fusion monsters.GlassesCommonTradable894224
Mask of the BeastMask of the Beast31Remember: If you're not nice when wearing this mask, you will become a beast!GlassesUltra rareNot tradable931233
Xtra Xtreme GogglesXtra Xtreme Goggles33Protect your eyes from the glare of the sun as it glints off snow or Fusion monsters.GlassesUncommonTradable1035259
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