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Genius Grove Map
Genius Grove Map.png
Level: 07
NPCs: Dee Dee

Dexbot Q-19

Numbuh Five

Professor Utonium

Ship (PBB)

This article is about Genius Grove in the past. for the future version see Genius Grove (The Future).

Genius Grove is the location where Dexter once lived. Mandark's House is right across the street from his, but, due to the Fusion invasion, Mandark's home is now an Infected Zone. Fusion Dexter and Computress, along with an army of Fusion Monsters, are trying to steal technology from Dexter's old laboratory using an underground tunnel that connects Dexter's and Mandark's houses. The house is now empty because Dexter moved to Tech Square and built a house for his parents, though Dee Dee lagged behind and is now the only member of their family still living in Genius Grove. Numbuh Five and Professor Utonium have stationed themselves at the house to protect Dexter's old lab.


Doom Drone.png
Name Doom Drone
Boss Doom Defender
Level 07
Type Blastons
Health 577 (small)

890 (medium)

1524 (Boss)

Location Genius Grove
Location 2
This Drone is similar to some of Dexter's other inventions that turned against him, but the Doom Drone, the high tech brother of the Tech Drone, is also smarter, stronger, and meaner.

Tech Tunneler.png
Name Tech Tunneler
Boss Tech Tunneler 2.1
Level 07
Type Adaptium
Health 497
Location Genius Grove
Location 2
Dexter used the Tech Tunnelers to help expand his underground lab. Fuse knew these bots meant business, which is why he corrupted them for his army. These once loyal diggers have a new master and a bad attitude.

Tech Wing.png
Name Tech Wing
Boss Gigatech Wing
Level 07
Type Cosmix
Health 766
Location Genius Grove
Location 2 Tech Square (The Future)
Even the old parts of discarded Dexlabs equipment aren't safe from Fuse's influence. The Tech Wing may look like the work of the boy genius, but Fuse added a few surprises of his own.

Fusion Mini Echo Echo.png
Name Fusion Mini Echo Echo
Boss Fusion Mega Echo Echo
Level 4
Type Blastons
Health {{{Health}}}
Location [[{{{Location}}}]]
Location 2
This monster is not in FusionFall Retro.This alien won't give up! Each Fusion Mega Echo Echo can split up into a swarm of Fusion Mini Echo Echoes. If you manage to defeat him, you and your buddies will get a special prize. After a Fusion Mega Echo is defeated, it produces new spawn regularly at 7 P.M.


Monkey Skyway Agents Destinations

Sector V Icon.png Sector V
Peach Creek Commons Icon.png Peach Creek Commons
Endsville Icon.png Endsville

Fusion Lairs



  • One of the Thronambular wishing skulls can be found in this location, in the northwest behind a tree.
  • According to The Past's map, Tech Square is directly west of this location, but can't be entered simply by going over the mountains, as a large invisible wall will block out the player from moving any further.

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