Git offa my propity!

–-Fuzzy Lumkins

Fuzzy Lumkins is a strange pink fuzzy creature that behaves like a Redneck. He is extremely territorial, and will attack anyone trespassing on his property by shouting, "Get offa my propity!" and shooting at whomever is trespassing. On his free time he likes to play Jo, his banjo. He appears in the show The Powerpuff Girls and was, in fact, the very first Powerpuff Girls villain to appear on Cartoon Network.


In FusionFall, he used to live in solitary out in the forests of Leakey Lake, but the Fusion invasion has managed to affect him by poisoning the nearby forests and lakes with Fusion Matter, and forcing him from his old cabin up to one higher up from the infected lake.

Though he is antisocial, Fuzzy has helped in the fight against Fuse in more ways than one. After much coaxing, Fuzzy gave up a meteor that he found, which had came from Planet Fuse. Fuzzy has also assisted the war indirectly by allowing his picture to be taken, and in turn, ruin Fuse's research on Imaginary Friends. Despite this, The Magic Tree often wonders aloud about his usefulness to us.

Fuzzy is the character who gives the fewest number of missions, being the total number of one, without taking into account guide missions. If not for him, Hex and Ace would be the characters who give the fewest missions.

Fusion Fuzzy holds a ray gun similar to the one in the Powerpuff Girls game on, "Meat the Mayor," and in an early episode, "Meat ."



  • His last name, both on the show and in FusionFall, is spelled without a p: "Lumkins," not "Lumpkins."
  • Fuzzy was the very first Powerpuff Girls villain to appear on Cartoon Network, having shown up in the very first Powerpuff Girls short, "The Powerpuff Girls in: Meat ," on the What A Cartoon! show.
  • According to Professor Utonium in the series, Fuzzy is confirmed to be a "lumkin."
  • There are more of Fuzzy`s kind, which were seen in some episodes of The Powerpuff Girls. However, Fuzzy is the only one of his kind in FusionFall.
  • He used to be part of the villain group, the Beat-Alls, his weapon being a great big rock. Coincidentally, he and the other members (Him, Mojo Jojo, and Princess) are in the game.