Hello, FusionFallers. Around the wiki, we get a lot of questions, many of which are repetitive. So, to simplify things, we decided to make a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to address some of your queries.

Q: When will FusionFall come back?
A: As of August 2013, the game is officially closed. In its place, you can play FusionFall Heroes, which is a spin-off/sequel to the original game.
Q: What are FusionFall Legacy and Retro?
A: FusionFall Legacy and FusionFall Retro are fan revivals of FusionFall. Legacy is a top-to-bottom, revamped version of the original game, which will feature new characters, locations, missions, and, of course, new nanos. On the other hand, Retro is a restoration of the original game prior to the Birthday Bash update of 2010.
Q: Will FusionFall Wiki cover both of these games?
A: No, this is a FusionFall and FusionFall Heroes wiki. Strictly speaking, we only cover topics that are canon to the FusionFall universe. However, the existence of these games does present a unique situation. Although Legacy is a fan-made creation, Retro is, however, technically the original game as most of us knew it. By default, it is "canon". Information from Retro may be used to fill in fragmentary articles, but nothing beyond that.

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