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FusionFall Rewritten (abbreviated as Rewritten, and sometimes called FusionFall Minecraft, or FusionFall MC) is an upcoming in-development Minecraft server that will house an unofficial fan-made remake of the Cartoon Network MMORPGFusionFall, in the game Minecraft. The project is run by Eman, a longtime member of the FusionFall community, and Diamond. They are working with many other individuals in order to produce the game.

As of now, the server is still being built, and has no set release date.


Original Version

FusionFall Rewritten originally launched in 2014 as a Minecraft server that housed a blocky recreation of most of the Suburbs and Downtown areas of FusionFall. The map used a combination of vanilla Minecraft blocks and a texture pack to simulate the design of the areas, items, and UI of FusionFall.


Just days after Cartoon Network ordered the shutdown of FusionFall Universe via a cease and desist, on April 23rd, 2020, FusionFall Rewritten debuted a Twitter account, and announced that the project would be revived, and have a new goal. The new version of FusionFall Rewritten will be a Minecraft server that utilizes plugins and resource packs designed to replicate the FusionFall experience as authentically as possible.

The team announced new developments in the games production on their Twitter page and in their Discord server. In addition, Eman has a YouTube channel where he posted videos based on these announcements, goes into more detail about them, and sometimes showed concept art that would've otherwise been exclusive to the projects Discord server.

After a long hiatus on the projects social media, Diamond posted a video on his YouTube channel on March 22nd, 2021. The video takes place in FusionFall Rewritten's Future version of Sector V, and shows many locations in the area. It also shows off two weapons being used on hostile mobs, the Surge Cannon and the Lightning Sword. Before the video starts, it states that anything shown is planned to change. Near the end of the video, Diamond states that he would like to make more videos covering the server and its development, and has since done so.

After a seven month hiatus on his channel, on March 30th, Eman posted a video providing an update on the games development, while showing off portions of the Future Sector V area, as well as some models of weapons in the game via item frames.

Differences from FusionFall

Rewritten is being created within Minecraft, so many assets will have to be remade to accommodate the game, though certain assets such as sounds will be reused.

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