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The second official logo for FusionFall Legacy.

FusionFall Legacy (abbreviated as Legacy or FFL) was an in-development fangame based on the Cartoon Network MMORPG FusionFallwhich was being developed for over five years by a team of devoted fans. FusionFall Legacy was under the FusionFall Universe banner, which also contained FusionFall Retro.


Project R

Near the end of the original FusionFall's run, a fan by the name of Wilttilt, aka Devan Baker, started a fan project, with some of his friends, by the name of Project: Revive, also known as Project: R. This was a game demo and revival campaign whose goal was to inspire the developers to continue adding content to the game by suggesting new features and items, some of which were originally planned to be in the game at one point. The project caused the games developers to consider Devan's proposition, but they ultimately rejected it due to the game's dwindling playerbase.

FusionFall Legacy


FusionFall Legacy's first official logo.

On February 6th, 2015, Devan had gathered together a development team to create FusionFall Legacy, which would be a recreation of the original game. The FusionFall Legacy team also announced that there would be a demo available on November 23rd.

An official forum for FusionFall Legacy opened on March 6th, and on March 14th, the first devblog was posted. Numerous devblogs followed, which showed plans to add many new NPC's, areas, nanos, and many other elements to the game.


In early September, a trailer for the demo was released, with the release date being moved up to that month. The demo was then pushed back to October. In late September, a character creation program was released by the developers so players could create and pre-register their characters for the upcoming demo.

However, in mid October, it was announced that the demo would be delayed again, as the team decided to re-built the gameworld to be far more accurate to the original game, and so it could be optimized for players with older hardware.

In late December, the FusionFall Legacy team announced the development of FusionFall Retro, which would take the place of the Legacy demo, which was cancelled following Retro's announcement, along with the pre-registration program.

Development Reboot

With Retro now serving the role in which Legacy was meant to fill, Legacy's development was restarted with a new goal. Instead of being a recreation of the original game with new elements, it would be a complete reimagining of FusionFall, and the dev teams for both games soon rebranded themselves under the FusionFall Universe banner.

From early 2016 to late 2017, the FusionFall Legacy team showed off the new direction Legacy was heading in by releasing devblogs, pics of the day, and showcase videos, along with making a new logo for the game.

FreshTV Cease and Desist

In late September of 2017, the FusionFall Legacy team were posting a new series of pics of the day, which revealed the inclusion of Chris McLean, a character from the Total Drama franchise. This prompted FreshTV, the owners of said franchise, to file a cease and desist against FusionFall Universe. They requested that all references to the Total Drama franchise be removed from FusionFall Legacy, which FusionFall Universe complied with.

Post-FreshTV CnD Development

After the cease and desist from FreshTV, the FusionFall Legacy dev team decided to develop the game in the dark, and not announce any new developments from that point onward. Not much news on Legacy's development was heard after that, except for a few statements from FFU members via the FusionFall Universe forums.

DMCA Takedown

Before April 16th, 2020, FusionFall Legacy was still in development, with a demo slated to come out that year, however, due to the DMCA takedown request by Cartoon Network, FusionFall Legacy has been cancelled. The game is in a playable state, but under the terms of the DMCA, it can never be released to the public. Former members of the FFU team have shown off many elements of the game overtime.

Differences from FusionFall

The game was being made in a newer version of the Unity game engine. FusionFall Legacy's new direction had it become more of a single-player RPG with multiplayer elements, rather than a fully fledged MMORPG.

  • Many areas of the game were redesigned, and new areas would've been added.
  • New music would've been in the game, along with remakes of some of the original songs.
  • New characters such as Carl were going to be introduced.
  • New items were added.
  • New Nanos were added, such as Dexter's Dad.
  • Nano power selection UI was redesigned.
  • A new Nano power called Glide was added, allowing players who use it to slowly descend to the ground.
  • The NanoCom UI was redesigned.
    • The Inventory could now be automatically sorted, and the avatar could be easily observed from a 360 degree view via the inventory screen.
    • The Journal UI was redesigned, allowing all dialogue from missions to be displayed once completed.
    • The Settings UI was redesigned.
  • The character creator UI was redesigned.
    • There were plans to have NPCs that would allow players to edit their characters by reentering the character creator.
  • Vendor UI was redesigned.
  • Email was called Dex-Mail.
  • The Game Guide was called the Field Guide.
  • Movement was redesigned to be crisper and more fun.
    • Footstep sounds were added that matched the material the player was walking on.
  • Jumping was far less floaty to accommodate a greater focus on platforming.
  • The vehicle system was redesigned.
    • They were permanently bought.
    • Vehicles had acceleration.
    • They had a fuel tank that slowly depleted when it was in use. To get more fuel, players would either have to get it as a drop or buy it.
  • Jumpads could now be at an angle, the steeper the angle the farther the player was launched.
  • Habitubes were added that could transport players from one place to another.
  • The '!' and '?' mission symbols for NPC's were animated.
  • NPC UI was redesigned.
    • NPC dialogue was displayed in a box on the bottom of the screen that got filled with the text in real time.
    • Non-vendor NPC's had a 'What's Up?' option for extra dialogue that would've changed as the player progressed through the game.
  • Combat was overhauled.
    • Combat was now hitbox based, so dodging attacks was now possible.
      • A dedicated dodging ability was added and was going to be utilized during boss fights.
    • Combat mode could be initiated at any time, but the player would be forced into it when an enemy attacked.
    • Combat mode had two variations, melee mode, and ranged mode, based on which type of weapon the player was holding. In ranged mode, the player aimed a reticle at an enemy to turn the reticle red, and then shot the enemy to have it take damage. In melee mode, when the player swung their weapon, a hitbox appeared in front of them and did damage to anything the hitbox touched.
  • The level cap for the game would've exceeded 36.
  • Certain Fusions would roam around the map, and killing them would allow the player to make special Nanos.
  • Instead of the developers hosting public servers, players would host servers of their own. They could decide to limit the number of players that could be on their server (with the max number of players being 50), and have the server be password protected.

For a more in-depth look at these differences, reference the videos posted by Funske (Video 1, Video 2).


  • Before the DMCA takedown, the FFU team were planning to change the games name to "FusionFall: Worlds Collide", naming the game after the manga that served as a prologue to the original game.

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