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The second official logo for FusionFall Fighters

FusionFall Fighters is an in-development fangame based on the Cartoon Network MMORPG FusionFall. The game was being made in RPG Maker MV. As it is built upon said game engine, it's a 2D single-player RPG. The project was created by RadioRave, a member of the FusionFall community. He later gave the reigns of the project over to another community member, Zakthepower, who later cancelled his version of the project, and gave it to a new lead developer known as Press-Scott, aka Puppus, who is taking the project in a new, mostly unknown direction as of now.

Zak's version of the game underwent closed and open beta testing via a demo, while the full game proper had no set release date before being cancelled.

A demo made during Zak's tenure as lead developer can be downloaded from its GameJolt page, which is provided in the External Links section of this page.



Unlike the original FusionFall, which has the player take the role of a time-traveling child, FusionFall Fighters has the player take control of Cartoon Network characters directly, in a similar vein to FusionFall Heroes.

The game was to be divided into episodes, with each one focusing on a different Cartoon Network character. Only the first episode was officially revealed.

Episode 1 (Boomer and the Blowfish)

Episode One centers around the character of Boomer from The Powerpuff Girls, as he searches for the baby Blowfish with the help of other Cartoon Network characters, before Lord Fuse has the chance to create a Fusion Blowfish.

Planned Episodes and Content

Before the cancellation of Zak's version, multiple other episodes were planned after the first. It's unknown whether or not the next version of the game will follow through with this planned content. After the completion of the third episode, three more were to be made if the developers were up for it. Puppus, who was the sprite artist during Zak's tenure with development, made many sprites for unplanned Nanos and characters, which likely would've been included as the game was further developed.

Episode 1: (Boomer and the Blowfish)

The episode would've revealed that Fusion Boomer was also trying to track down the Blowfish, and he would've been an obstacle. By the end of the episode the player would've acquired the Bubbles, Mandy, and Gumball Nanos, with a possible fourth Nano. Boomer was also planned to be available as a Nano in this episode, but it was scrapped and moved to the second.

Episode 2: (Chowder's Special Delivery)

This would've been an episode centered on Chowder, who is tasked by Mung Daal to go to the Suburbs/Wilds in order to deliver a feast for an unknown king. It would've been revealed that the delivery was at the Cul-de-Sac and the feast was for Eddy. Boomer would've been acquired as a Nano as a call-back to the first episode.

Episode 3: (Omni-Present Beings)

This episode would've had Ben Tennyson in the Darklands fighting Fusion versions of his aliens, including a Fusion Alien X. He would've have tried to take down control centers mainly led by Fusion aliens, as well as transform along the way. At the end, Ben would've returned to Offworld Plaza with a damaged T.O.M. approaching him.

Episode 4: (Absolute Power)

The episode would've focused on T.O.M. as well as concepts from the cancelled OG expansion, and some inspired by the cancelled plans of FusionFall Retro. It would've had T.O.M. beached in Downtown, ending up at Monster Island, somehow needing to repair the Absolution. This would've tied into the first episode with the Blowfish, as well as have it reveal that the Mother Blowfish was going to be threatening the mainland if she didn't find her baby soon. The Fusion Mother Blowfish would've been fought at the end. Captain K'nuckles was planned to appear during this episode.

Episode 5: (Untitled Nowhere Episode)

This episode was to focus on Nowhere and Courage. It would've had Kevin be sent to Nowhere by Gwen to investigate Courage's distress calls. They investigate the area and discover it's filled with Fusion EVOs, and after traveling down into a destroyed Providence HQ, Courage, Kevin, and Agent Six would've discovered Chicken from Cow & Chicken and a few Space Chickens trying to hold off a giant Fusion EVO Chicken (inspired by the mutant chickens from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy episode "Which Came First?").

Episode 6

A sixth episode was considered, but nothing for it was planned out.



The project was started by RadioRave on April 20th, 2020, not long after the shutdown of FusionFall Universe. His original vision for the game was very different to what was officially released. This version of the game was to have a far grittier version of the Future, and have the protagonist of the game be an avatar, as it was in the original game. Later on, the game was changed to feature Cartoon Network characters as the protagonists of the game, and have an expanded version of their side-stories, which were either planned for the original game, FusionFall Retro, and/or FusionFall Legacy, serve as the plot of the game.

The first official logo for FusionFall Fighters

On May 20th, Zakthpower became the lead developer on the project and started work on it the next day. On the 23rd, Zak posted an early alpha demo showcase on his YouTube channel. On the 26th, he posted a second feature showcase.

On June 22nd, the closed beta for a demo of the game was released, and a select few were able to sign up for it, receive a beta key, and play the game. A trailer for the demo was also released on that day. During the closed beta, there were multiple updates to the game, with the final update during the closed beta being Version 1.1.1.

The open beta for the game was released on July 28th, and the games development went into hiatus ever since, with the next major update, Version 1.2.0, being teased.

Cancellation/New Direction

New sprites in-game done by Puppus (Mac, Bloo, and Wilt)

On September 4th, 2021, Zakthepower announced that the game has been cancelled. The project has since been handed over to a new lead, Puppus, who intends to take the project in a new direction. The website for the game has also been taken down. Puppus has since shared a picture of new sprites in his version of the game.

Differences from FusionFall

The game is a 2D single-player RPG game made using RPG Maker MV, instead of a 3D MMORPG platform adventure game made using Unity.

  • Most of the assets in the game are custom made, while some are directly lifted from the original FusionFall, FusionFall Retro, and FusionFall Legacy.
  • Certain Cartoon Network characters are/will be playable, instead of just being NPC’s.
  • Cartoon Network characters that never appeared as NPCs in the original FusionFall, or never appeared at all, will either be playable and/or be NPC’s, such as Boomer and Gumball Waterson.

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