I like NACHOS.

–Fred Fredburger

Fred Fredburger is a character in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. He is a tubby, green, short, hyperactive, elephant-like demon with stubby horns and a green devil tail. Fred is easily impressed, and lives with his "mama." He can spell his own name; his favorite foods are nachos and frozen yogurt. He once saved either Billy or Mandy from losing Grim to the other.


War Against Fuse

The Future

Fred Fredburger future

Fred Fredburger during Birthday Bash

In the Future, Fred seems to have survived up until this point, seeing as he, like Grim, Dracula, and Jeff, is an immortal creature from the Underworld. He is stationed in Pokey Oaks South next to Candy Wife at Birthday Bash.

The Past

In the Past, he arrived for the Birthday Bash and resided at Mt. Neverest until the original games shut down.

Birthday Bash

Fred Fredburger could be seen during the Birthday Bash, where he made friends with Candy Wife because she listens really well.

Cadet Graduation

He is on Mt. Neverest when the recruit graduates from his/her training in The Academy. He says nothing to the recruit.

FusionFall Retro

Halloween 2018

Fred Fredburger arrived at the gazebo in Pokey Oaks North for the Halloween event. He states that he likes Halloween as he gets to eat candy and talk to strangers. It is implied that he somehow caused the sky to become dark.

Halloween 2019

He reappeared in the following year's Halloween event. He was found outside the graveyard at Eternal Vistas with Jeff. After the player defeated 3,000 Pumpkin Spawns, Fred rewarded them with a Jack O' Lantern Head that he made out of one of the spawns.

Other Appearances

He a mask based on him that can be obtained by using the E.G.G.E.R. on Mount Blackhead.



  • Fred Fredburger's voice actor, C. H. Greenblatt, is also the creator of Chowder.
  • In Retro, his model was retextured, giving him a more colourful and appealing appearance. He was also given voice lines, albeit, ripped directly from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.Correc
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