Foster's Home Map
Foster's Home Map
Level: 10
NPCs: Eduardo


Mr. Herriman

Tas aramayin

C.L.Y.D.E location in Foster's Home

This location is based on the show Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Fuse's interest in imaginary friends has made this area a prime target for Fusions and Fusion Spawns. Fusion Numbuh Five tried to adopt an imaginary friend, while Fusion Bloo tried to infiltrate the house through the plumbing with help from the Toiletnator.


Foster's Home

Bloo tried to defeat his evil counterpart with the Toiletnator's Plunger of Doom, but ended up getting trapped in the Fusion's lair. Fusion Frankie tried to impersonate the real Frankie and tried to trick everyone at Foster's to make it easier for Fuse to get his hands on an imaginary friend for study. Fusion Wilt also tried to attack Foster's, but Eduardo scared him off. You can find one of TOM's C.L.Y.D.E.s here.


Foster's Maze

While under the control of Fuse, Kevin used a console to transfer Imaginary Energy from the home to Fuse's Lair. Kevin came to his senses later, but the console could not be turned off without harming the imaginary friends.

Also curious of the effects of Imaginary energy, Mandark has started construction on an Imaginasium to study the effects of Imaginary energy. Frankie, who is overseeing the Imaginasium's constuction, has gotten into fights with Mandark about the design of the structure.


In the Future, Foster's Home seems to be destroyed with only a big field of Fusion Matter. Which means Fuse managed to destroy the Home along with its Imaginary Friends. (excluding Eduardo, who had managed to escape to the Cul-De-Sac).

Fusion Lairs



A view of Foster's home

Name Extremospawn
Boss Super Extremospawn
Level 10
Type Blastons
Health 954/1135 (Fusion Bloo's Secret Lair)
Location Foster's Home
Location 2
Just what is this horrible Fusion creation? No one really knows, but one thing is certain: it's totally extreme!

Battery Drain


  • The name and design of the Extremospawn is a reference to the Extremosaur, a monstrous imaginary friend created by mean teenage boys. The Extremospawns are also primarily found within the Foster's Maze of Foster's Home, where in which where the Extremosaur is locked away in a large metal cage.
    • This cage can be found in Foster's Maze in FusionFall as well.
Scribble Spawn
Name Scribble Spawn
Boss Crazy Scribble Spawn
Level 10
Type Cosmix
Health 710/1096 (Fusion Frankie's Secret Lair) / (Fusion Numbuh Five's Lair)
Location Foster's Home
Location 2
Before these unformed Imaginary Friends could grow up, Fuse turned them into dangerous little goons of doom!



  • The Scribble Spawns are a reference to the imaginary friends known as Scribbles from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Scribbles are imaginary friends that were made by infants that were the subject of the episode "The Trouble With Scribbles". They are rather incomplete (being simply scribbles), and have the mental mentalities of a child; however, it is shown that they are able to learn to do one specific thing.
Timber Terror
Name Timber Terror
Boss Overgrown Timber Terror
Level 10
Type Adaptium
Health 713
Location Foster's Home
Location 2
The Timber Terrors are ancient and withered trees corrupted by Fuse's power. Still, you'd better not think they're too old to put up a fight, because their bite is definitely as bad as their bark.
Corruption Attack



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