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Father is the leading major villain in Codename: Kids Next Door and appears only as a shadowy figure. He's the brother of the legendary KND operative Numbuh Zero, the adoptive father of the Delightful Children From Down the Lane, and the paternal uncle of Nigel Uno. He possesses several super powers such as pyrokinesis, levitation, shape-shifting, telekinesis, and self-cloning.


In FusionFall, Father finds himself in a major dilemma when Fuse begins his invasion. While the alien attack threatens t
Fusion Fall Padre


he construction of his new housing development in the Peach Creek Estates, named Delightful Developments, he is nevertheless extremely reluctant towards forming an alliance with the Kids Next Door in order to fight the threat. He instead has the Toiletnator represent the adults in the hero's alliance, while simultaneously gathering secrets from the KND.

In the future, Father is reported to have fled when Fuse gained the upper hand in the war.

Fusion Father is fought at Charles Darwin Middle School infected zone. He is at level 12 when fought, although the player doesn't get a Father Nano.



  • He is also a mission handler if you choose Mojo Jojo as your guide.