Dizzy World
Location City Point
Infected Zone Level 13
A run down amusement park that used to be home to the Townsville Circus. However, after being infected by Fusion Matter, all that prowls around there now are Dynamite Mice.


Dynamite Mouse
Name Dynamite Mouse
Boss Short Fuse Dynamite Mouse
Level 13
Type Blastons
Health 1304
Location City Point
Location 2
A mouse may seem harmless, but what about a mouse carrying TNT? This rodent shouldn't be kept as a pet! Approach with caution...extreme caution.
Corruption Attack

Battery Drain


Racing Rewards

Fusion Lairs

Fusion Bloo's Lair

Fusion Billy's Secret Lair

Fusion Ace's Epic Lair


Music from Infected Zone

Fusionfall Music - Dizzy World(Infected Zone)

Fusionfall Music - Dizzy World(Infected Zone)

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