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◢ Nano Item ◣
Dog Collar
◢ Appearance ◣
Species ▸ Dog
Gender ▸ Male
Hair Color ▸ Pink
Eye Color ▸ Black
◉ Nano Information ◉
◢ Level ◣
33 (Retro) ∣ 32 (Academy)
Drain - Point.png
Horrific Howl
Courage howls and delivers additional damage to your target.
Health - Self.png
Softshoe Shimmy
Courage does a cute little dance that heals you emotionally and physically.
Cower Power
Cowardice can pay off! Courage cautiously collects additional Fusion Matter rewards.

Courage is a pink dog who is constantly frightened, despite his name. He was adopted by an elderly married couple, Muriel and Eustace Bagge, when they found him abandoned in the middle of Nowhere as a puppy when his parents were sent to space by a mad scientist. While Muriel loves him, Eustace calls him "Stupid Dog" and frightens him just for his own amusement. However, he will protect his owners (mainly Muriel and even Eustace in some instances) with his life.


War Against Fuse

The Past

Courage can be found in Nowhere outside of his house. He constantly sends E-mails to Gwen Tennyson about alien activity and totems in Nowhere.

Planetoid Fusion

During the Planetoid Fusion crisis, Courage (with the help of the Hero) is ultimately the one that destroys the planetoid by reversing the polarities of a UFO magnet found in Nowhere which was pulling the planetoid to Earth. With the polarities reversed, the Planetoid Fusion was crushed by its own force and was successfully destroyed before it reached Earth.

Guide Missions

Courage acts as a mission handler for players following Edd as a guide. He helps the player track down the Crazy Brain Candy. The player ends up with two dead ends before discovering Fuse had taken the candy to his lair. Courage also helps the player to save the Magic Tree from becoming infected by the Dark Tree. Courage gives out Candy Pirate and SACT gear that he found in Nowhere.

Status of the Bagge Family

It is hinted that at least Muriel is hiding in the farmhouse, as Courage had the player retrieve her slippers from monsters as a Guide Mission from Edd ("Slippery Foes"). Kevin states that Muriel is letting him stay until he can get his car fixed.

Other Appearances


The mask Eustace uses to scare Courage is a possible drop from fighting fusion monsters. There was also a shirt based on him, which was originally the Top Dog Tee. At Goat's Junk Yard, there is a billboard that advertises Nowhere with Courage on it.

FusionFall Retro

A shirt named after him was a possible drop from Penguin Pests, Frozen Fowls, Frosty Fiends, and the Spire dungeon versions of Fusion Ice King and Gunter during the Winter 2019 event.


Edd Guide Missions

Past World Missions

Past Nano Mission



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