Coop is one of the main characters from Megas XLR as well as the only NPC of that show to make it into FusionFall (Megas is here also, but the giant robot has been trapped in a prison made up by Fusion Matter). In the show, Coop is just a lazy, fun-loving guy who is out to have a good time. One day, he finds Megas and manages to change it to better suit him. However, Megas' original pilot, a girl from the future named Kiva, is now unable to pilot it as Coop has altered it. So now, he must use Megas to battle the approaching alien army called the Glorft with Kiva and his buddy Jamie.


Arrival of Fuse

When Worlds Collide

Jamie y Coop

Coop and Jamie playing video games while a battle rages around them.

When Dexter is readying his Electro-Plus Cannon to fire at Planet Fusion, a swarm of flying Fusion Spawns attacks his helicarrier. Numbuh Two, Numbuh Five, Mac, Dee Dee, Ben (as Four Arms), Bloo, Blossom, and Bubbles try to hold off the threat until Dexter completes his cannon. While this is going on Coop and Jamie are playing a video game. Jamie asks Coop if he hears anything, and Coop replies that he only heard Jamie crying like a little girl after he beat him in "Destructo Challenge."

The Future

Coop does not appear in the future. It is possible that in the future he went into hiding due to his lazy nature.

The Past

When Fuse's invasion began, it's clear that Megas was involved, piloted by none other than Coop; however, Fuse overpowered Megas and it is now left trapped inside of the Goat's Junkyard infected zone, unable to move. Coop can be found outside the infected zone at Goat's Junkyard and his missions involve things dealing with trying to get Megas free. However, he is still as lazy as in the series (he seems to be serious though when dealing with matters of Fusions and Fuse). Coop's Fusion gives out the Megas Nano when defeated and later returns as the head of Fuse's plan to mass produce Fusions.



  • What happened to Jamie and Kiva is unknown, but it is probable that Fuse had some involvement. (Note, however, that Jamie was in the manga with Coop.)
  • Megas is a serious threat to Fuse due to its size, strength, and general action in its eponymous show. The purpose of Megas in the show is to hold off advancing alien armies; thus it would be perfectly suited to fend off the threat of Fuse. Along with a few other heroes who have directly fought off alien invasions in their respective shows, if he had been able to prevent Megas from being overtaken by the fusion matter, Coop probably could have assisted the other heroes (or even single-handedly) to defeat Fuse long before the official war began.