◉ Nano Information ◉
◢ Level ◣
26 (Retro) ∣ 24 (Academy)
Power Shell
Coco protects your Boosts and Potions with a powerful egg shell.
Freedom - Group
Bird Brain Unbound
Coco goes loco and protects your group from special attacks.
Stun - Area
Egg Bomb
The Egg Bomb stuns all monsters in the area with an exploding egg!
Coco is an imaginary friend who resembles a bird/plane/plant hybrid. She speaks, writes, and sings in an esoteric language that few can understand, much like Shnitzel. However, Mac, Bloo, CheeseMr. Herriman, Frankie, Wilt, and Eduardo can all understand it. The language consists only of the word "Coco".


Player aquiring Coco Nano

Player acquiring the Coco Nano

While she can`t be found in the Future, her eggs can still be found, hinting at her possible survival. Alongside Mac, she hangs around the KND Outpost on Mount Blackhead in the main world. Coco laid E.G.G.s throughout the world that usually contain weaker versions of nano powers, or E.G.G. Crates.

Fuse has ordered his minions to capture Coco. They are most likely interested in her ability to lay her special eggs that are found across the world. Thankfully, with the player's help, the forces are diverted, and the leader in charge of capturing her, Fusion Numbuh Four, is defeated. Oddly, Hoss Delgado at one point suspected her of being a spy for Fuse.



  • Her body looks like a plane, her head a plant, her face and feet a bird. This could acknowledge where she was "discovered" in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: a deserted, tropical island.
  • The E.G.G.E.R. machines are based on Coco.
  • In the Chat if a player types nothing and just hits the space bar and enter, the player character will say, "Coco Coco!"
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