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Within the Cartoon Network Universe there are various characters who do not make a full, NPC appearance in either Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall or FusionFall Heroes, but are shown to exist in the FusionFall world nonetheless. These characters appear in the form of nanos, items, and/or are mentioned by characters in either game.



See Also: Aku on the Samurai Jack Wiki

Aku is the shape shifting master of darkness, orignating from the Samurai Jack series. Aku serves as the origin of almost all of the conflict in the Samurai Jack show, and thus is its main antagonist. Aku is the one who sent Samurai Jack to the far future, and in his absence took over the world.[1] Since Jack's sword is one of the few items that can truly defeat Aku, much of his time is spent watching Jack and trying to prevent him from returning to the past.
  • Aku's Nano
  • Aku with Other Villains (Top Right)
  • Aku's Flaming Eye
  • Aku Glider
  • Aku Bike

In FusionFall

In FusionFall, Aku's only physical appearance is as a nano, created using his shadow fragments.[2] The shadow fragments are the only trace most characters in the game can find of him, with his whereabouts being unknown. However, as stated by Demongo —whom may be relaying information to Aku—, Aku is indeed watching. There are also a few items that are based on Aku's appearance in their design. Missions relating to Aku are as follows: Shadows of Aku, The Dark Wizard, and Demon Attack.

Ben 10

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Not in Retro Small

See Also: Bubbie on The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack Wiki

Bubbie is a female blue whale from The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. She acts as the mother figure to Flapjack, with her mouth serving as a make-shift home. She treats him and Captain K'nuckles like family, even though she believes Captain K'nuckles is a bad influence on Flapjack.

In FusionFall

In FusionFall, Bubbie is mentioned by Flapjack. It is stated that Stormalong Harbor was attacked —and possibly outright destroyed— by Planet Fusion's invasion of Earth. Flapjack and Captain K'nuckles got separated from Bubbie during this time, and are trying to find her.

Darwin Watterson

Darwin Watterson

Darwin Nano

See Also: Darwin Watterson on The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki

Darwin Watterson is a polite goldfish from The Amazing World of Gumball TV show. He is a member of the Watterson family and the adopted brother of Gumball, whom he is very close with.

In FusionFall

Darwin appears as a Nano in FusionFall that was added in a later update. He is a level 4 blastons nano that is unlocked with the nano code "ffcfunnygoldfish".

Doyle Blackwell

See Also: Doyle Blackwell on The Secret Saturdays Wiki

Doyle Blackwell is the long-lost brother of Drew Saturday[3], and comes from The Secret Saturdays cartoon show. Originally an antagonist, he served as a mercenary for hire before he befriended and started working alongside the Secert Saturdays.

In FusionFall

Although Doyle Blackwell does not appear in FusionFall, he is mentioned by Drew Saturday, whom says he is en route to the Darklands.

Eustace and Muriel Bagge


See Also: Gloft on the Megas XLR Wiki

The Glorft are a squid-like cyborg alien species from Megas XLR. In the far future, the Glorft made war with the humans, and created Megas to be their greatest weapon against humanity; however, Megas was captured by the Earth Coalition. In an attempt to keep Megas from the Glorft and bring him back to an earlier period in the war, Megas was sent back in time; however, because of the Glorft's assault Megas was sent farther back in time than intended, i.e. to Coop's time period.[4] The Glorft attempted to follow Megas through time to take it back, but they are repeatingly stopped by Coop and his friends, and are unable to return to their own time period.

In FusionFall

In FusionFall, the Glorft are the subject in the mission path "Hands on the Hard Drive", where it is discovered that the Glorft were actually invaded by Planet Fusion in the past, but were able to repell the invasion.

Green Squeaker

See Also: Green Squeaker (a.k.a. Billy) on The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Wiki The Green Sqeaker is an alter ego of Billy that appears in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy special, “Billy and Mandy Moon the Moon”.

In FusionFall

Appears as a statue in FusionFall at Mt. Neverest.


See Also: Irwin on The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Wiki

Irwin is a character from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. He is a close friend of Billy's, and has a strong crush on Mandy, though she has no romantic feelings towards him at all. Although he is usually much smarter than Billy, he is just as unpopular in their school as he is, often trying to act 'cool', only to end up failing in his goals.

In FusionFall

In FusionFall, Irwin is mentioned by Billy, though he does not make any appearance in the game, be it a nano or otherwise. In the mission Billy's Baloney (Part 1 of 3), Billy has the player collect "Irwin's" things for him as they try to find out Irwin's whereabouts. However, this all ends up being a poorly constructed lie by Billy, who is the true owner of the items the player collects.

Jake Spidermonkey


See Also: Jamie on the Megas XLR Wiki

Jamie comes from the Megas XLR series, and is Coop's best friend. Jamie is a laid back but cowardly ally to Coop and Kiva, considering him
Jamie y Coop

Coop and Jamie playing videogames while a battle insues around them.

self a "ladies man", but ultimately having no luck when it comes to dating.

In FusionFall

Jamie only appears briefly as a cameo in the FusionFall prequel comic "FusionFall: Worlds Collide". He is shown playing games with Coop while a battle is going on outside, hearing the noise of the fight, but ultimately ignoring it along with Coop.

The Justice Friends
Not in Retro Small

The Justice Friends are group of superhuman beings inspired by the characters of Marvel Comics. They were a recurring segment of Dexter's Laboratory for its first season, and typically alternated episodes with Dial M for Monkey.

Capital G, Krunk, Living Bullet, Monkey, Sam-R-I, Tiki Torch, Valhallen, and White Tiger all appear as statues at Mt. Neverest.


See Also: K'nuckles on The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack Wiki

Captain K'nuckles —sometimes referred to as simply "K'nuckles"— is a character from the The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack series. K'nuckles is often very lazy, usually seen sleeping in Bubbie's mouth, or otherwise eating candy, which he and Flapjack cannot often afford. He tells Flapjack tales of his adventures as a captain, which makes Flapjack very enamored with him, and unable to see his flaws.

In FusionFall

In FusionFall, K'nuckles is stated to be looking for Bubbie along with Flapjack, but has been separated from him. Furthermore, it is rumored that Stormalong Harbor —the home of Flapjack,
830px-Flapjack 1

Flapjack with a barrel that looks like K'nuckles from the 2010 Valentines event.

K'nuckles, and Bubbie— has been destroyed by Planet Fusion's invasion, which likely played a part in their separation. A barrel that had been remodled to look like K'nuckles was seen alongside Flapjack during the Valentines Day 2010 celebration.

Sara Bellum

See Also: Sara Bellum on the Powerpuff Girls Wiki

Sara Bellum (usually referred to as "Ms./Miss Bellum") is the deputy to the Mayor of Townsville, often acting as the true brains behind the Mayor's decisions and how the city is run. Furthermore, her actual face is always off-screen, aside from one short instance where her face was visible in the cartoon. She comes from the The Powerpuff Girls (1998) show.

In FusionFall

Although Ms. Bellum does not appear in FusionFall, broken statues of her are present in the Townsville Park and its infected zone, the Fissure, all of which have her head broken off. This was likely done because her face is always off-screen, which could not be easily replicated with an NPC model. She is stated to still be communicating with and advising the Mayor[5], which confirms that she is still alive, and possibly somewhere inside City Hall.


See Also: Supercow on the Cow and Chicken Wiki

In FusionFall

Appears as a statue in FusionFall at Mt. Neverest.


See Also: Titan on the Sym-Bionic Titan Wiki

In FusionFall

Van Kleiss

See Also: Van Kleiss on the Generator Rex Wiki

Van Kleiss is a villain from the Generator Rex series, serving as a major antagonist to Rex Salazar. Van Kleiss is the leader of the Pack, a group of E.V.O.s that work for him. He wishes to take over the world and make it a place for E.V.O. kind. He was involved in the past of the nanites and Rex himself, often trying to persuade him to help him to join him in his ambitions.

In FusionFall

In FusionFall, Van Kleiss appears in nano form, as the last form of the Unstable Nano before the game's closure. Based on the previous versions of the Unstable Nano, his nano would have likely been given a
NanoVan Kleiss

The Unstable Nano as Van Kleiss

dedicated mission from one of the Generator Rex NPCs.


  • Aku is the only character that appears in the opening of the Academy that isn't an NPC in FusionFall, not counting Ben's alien forms.