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As the player is encouraged to create their own character at the start of the game, all other characters are NPCs (Non Playable Characters). These characters aid the player by giving missions, items or hints through the game so that the player can advance further. There are 96 characters from 18 series and 1 block from Cartoon Network, as well as 3 characters made for FusionFall. They are all listed from oldest to newest.

Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall

Computress.png Belladonna.png
Computress Belladonna

Dexter's Laboratory

Dexter.png Dee Dee.png
Dexter Dee Dee
Mandark.png Major Glory.png
Mandark Major Glory


TOM.png CLYDE.png

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo01.png Carl.png
Johnny Bravo Carl

The Powerpuff Girls

Blossom.png Buttercup Retro 2.8.1 PO.png
Blossom Buttercup
Bubbles.png Professor Utonium.png
Bubbles Professor Utonium
Mojo Jojo.png Princess.png
Mojo Jojo Princess
Mayor.png Him.png
Mayor Him
Fuzzy Lumkins.png Ace.png
Fuzzy Lumkins Ace
Snake.png Lil Arturo.png
Snake Lil' Arturo
Grubber.png Big Billy.png
Grubber Big Billy

Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ed.png Edd.png
Ed Edd
Eddy.png May Kanker.png
Eddy May Kanker
Marie Kanker.png Lee Kanker.png
Marie Kanker Lee Kanker

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage.png Magic Tree.png
Courage Magic Tree

Time Squad

Larry 3000 Retro.png

Larry 3000

Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack01.png The Scotsman.png
Samurai Jack The Scotsman


The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

Billy.png Mandy.png
Billy Mandy
Grim.png Hoss Delgado.png
Grim Hoss Delgado
Dracula 2.png Jeff.png
Dracula Jeff
Fred Fredburger.png Phanton.png
Fred Fredburger Ghost Duck

Codename: Kids Next Door

Numbuh One.png Numbuh Two.png
Numbuh One Numbuh Two
Numbuh Three.png Numbuh Four.png
Numbuh Three Numbuh Four
Numbuh Five.png Father.png
Numbuh Five Father
Toiletnator.png Stickybeard.png
Toiletnator Stickybeard

Megas XLR


Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Bloo.png Mac.png
Bloo Mac
Wilt.png Eduardo.png
Wilt Eduardo
Coco.png Frankie.png
Coco Frankie
Mr. Herriman.png Cheese.png
Mr. Herriman Cheese

The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Juniper Lee.png
Juniper Lee

Johnny Test

Johnny Test01.png Dukey.png
Johnny Test Dukey

Ben 10, Ben 10: Alien Force, & Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Ben.png Gwen.png
Ben Tennyson Gwen Tennyson
Grandpa Max.png Kevin.png
Grandpa Max Tennyson Kevin E. Levin
Vilgax.png Hex.png
Vilgax Hex
Tetrax.png Paradox.png
Tetrax Paradox
Azmuth.png Alan.png
Azmuth Alan
Albedo.png Alien X.png
Albedo Alien X
Ampfibian.png Echo Echo.png
AmpFibian Echo Echo
Megawhatt.png Ship.png
Megawhatt Ship


Chowder .png Schnitzel.png
Chowder Shnitzel
Kimchi.png Wisdom Tooth.png
Kimchi Wisdom Tooth
Sour Ron.png Puckerberry Overlord.png
Sour Ron Puckerberry Overlord
Arbor.png Arbora.png
Arbor Arbora

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Flapjack.png Candy Wife.png
Flapjack Candy Wife

The Secret Saturdays

Zak Saturday.png Doc.png
Zak Saturday Doc Saturday
Drew Saturday.png Fiskerton.png
Drew Saturday Fiskerton
Zon.png V.V. Argost.png
Zon V.V. Argost

Adventure Time

Finn.png Jake.png
Finn Jake
Ice King.png Princess Bubblegum.png
Ice King Princess Bubblegum
ReaperFix.png StanleyFix.png
Reaper Stanley
Lady Rainicorn Retro.png
Gunter Lady Rainicorn
Secret Snail Retro.png
Secret Snail

Generator Rex

Rex.png Agent Six.png
Rex Agent Six
Bobo Haha.png
Bobo Haha

Sym-Bionic Titan

Lance.png Ilana.png
Lance Ilana


We Bare Bears

Ice Bear.png
Ice Bear